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European Location As A Service Targeting International Commerce


ELAASTIC Website update

final update of project website

ELAASTIC website

Project website


Workshop organized to publicize ELAASTCI project

Dissemination materials

Various material corresponding to the dissemination activities ( presentations, articles,…) from T0+8M to T0+ 18M

ELAASTIC service V1

1st ELAASTIC service open for use

ELAASTIC service V2

2nd version of ELAASTIC service for use

ELAASTIC commercial datapackage

Commercial documentation on ELAASTIC service

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ELAASTIC (European Location As A Service Targeting International Commerce) provides a European based location service worldwide to ensure EGNOS and Galileo penetration

Author(s): Yves Capelle
Published in: Parliament Magazine, Parliament Magazine, Issue 434, 16 May, 2016, Page(s) 54, ISSN 1372-7966
Publisher: Dods