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Design, Manufacturing, Qualification and Assembly of an Improved NLF Wing Leading Edge and Upper Cover Flight Test Article


A Natural Laminar Flow (NLF) aerofoil is considered to be one of the key technologies to reduce drag and improve the performance of an aircraft; it is also identified as a potential key technology for the next generation of aircraft. The ImpNLFFD project is a critical enabler that will, through mature design concept and stress justification, facilitate the manufacture of the starboard Upper Cover and Metallic Leading Edge of an A340-300 test aircraft and validate that the required level of aerodynamic surface quality can achieve Natural Laminar Flow.

The ImpNLFFD project objectives surround the finalisation and maturity of engineering data to enable subsequent manufacture of an advanced composite starboard Upper Cover and Metallic Leading Edge for installation on the flight test aircraft wing. To support this objective a number of work packages are identified that progress the current status of engineering through to delivery of hardware, concession support, permit to fly, and support operations during the final wing assembly and flight test campaign.

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