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EWIT: Developing an e-waste implementation toolkit to support the recycling and the secondary raw material recovery strategies in metropolitan areas in Africa


Proceedings of the dissemination events

Proceedings of the dissemination events

EWIT Layman’s report

EWIT Layman’s report

EWIT Digital Brochure

EWIT Digital Brochure

EWIT Project press release

Press release on the EWIT project

EWIT project factsheet

Factsheet of the EWIT project (on EC standard template)

EMW2 - Technology Operating Guidelines

Technology Operating Guidelines (EMW2)

EMW1 - Collection Operating Guidelines

Operating Guidelines on Collection (EMW1)

EMW3 - Closed Loop Model Operating Guideline

Closed Loop Model Operating Guideline (EMW3)

EMW4 - Financial & Legislation Operating Guidelines

Financial & Legislation Operating Guidelines (EMW4)

EWIT Solution Guide

A specific hi level “solution guide” document, available through the EWIT extended network of partners/contributors, summarizing in an effective way the key strategic elements of the e-waste management systems development strategy adopted in the most advanced EU Member States. The document outlines the key success factors and conditions to reach the desired collection and recycling objectives; the African metropolitan area’s specific needs and constraints along with the related customization of the EU knowledge and best practices. The document is a practical guideline to set up selected “one to one” meetings with African key decision makers and to develop presentation materials for the conferences.

Web Portal beta release

Beta release of the EWIT Web Portal

Web Portal final release

EWIT Web Portal final release