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Molecular Electron Dynamics investigated by IntensE Fields and Attosecond Pulses


Attosecond dynamics in small and large molecules

Pump-probe experiment with femtosecond and attosecond time resolution on large molecules will be conducted. The experimental results will be compared with theoretical models, focusing on the kinetic energy release obtained in attosecond XUV-IR pump-probe spectroscopy. The dominant ionization and dissociative pathways will be theoretically identified.

Nonadiabatic strong-field ionization dynamics

Nonadiabatic effects in the strong-field ionization of hydrocarbons molecules will be investigated using HHG.

Supervisory Board of the network

The Supervisory Board of the network will meet for the first time during the kick-off meeting (January/February 2015). The Supervisory Board will be composed by the will be composed of the scientists-in-charge of the beneficiaries and partner organizations, the WP Coordinators, Prof. Nora Berrah, and a representative of the ESRs elected by the young fellows. The SB will agree on common guidelines regarding the individual training of the fellows and it will provide the guidelines for the drafting of the CDPs of the individual ESRs. During this first meeting a training for unbiased selection and dissemination of common best practises to supervisors will be provided (kick-off meeting).

Structural and dynamical effects in HHG

The interplay between structural and dynamical effects in high-order harmonic generation (HHG) spectroscopy will be elucidated. Advanced alignment techniques will be investigated for the implementation of high-order HHG-based tomography of nonplanar molecules. From the theoretical side, a simulation code for HHG-based spectroscopy of multi-electron dynamics will be developed, considering also the extended harmonic cut-off achieved using mid-IR systems as driving pulses.

High-repetition rate photoelectron spectroscopy

Acquisition of photoelectron/photoion pump-probe data with full energy, angular and temporal resolution using the developed high repetition rate (200 kHz) attosecond source . The network will be involved in the development of new apparatuses and technologies for the generation of ultrashort XUV pulses including novel schemes for the stabilisation of the CEP of high-energy, high-repetition rate laser systems operating up to 10 kHz, the demonstration of thin-disk laser pump delivering up to E=200 mJ energy.

Dissemination and outreach activities plan

A plan for the outreach activities of the ESRs will be drafted. This will be based on the activities to be performed in secondary schools using the Photonics Explorer Kit. Additional outreach activities (for example the participation to specific event such as the Researchers' night) will be also considered.

Time-resolved dynamics in conformer selected beams

Conformer selection will be accomplished and time-resolved dynamics in different conformers will be characterized by pump-probe experiment with attosecond and femtosecond resolution.

Influence of the environment on ultrafast eletronic/nuclear dynamics

1) Experimental evidences of electronic relaxation mechanism (for example Interatomic Coulombic Decay) induced by intense XUV light pulses in atomic clusters/dimers will be obtained. 2) The influence of the helium environment on the rotational, vibrational and electronic dynamics of embedded molecules will be characterized

Demonstration of coherent control schemes using XUV FELs

The consortium will demonstrate new schemes for the generation of multi-color coherent XUV radiation exploiting FELs. Using this approach, the network will investigated coherent control schemes in the XUV spectral range. In particular, the combination of multi-color coherent XUV radiation will be used to control the photoionization process and electronic dynamics in inner-valence shells in atoms and, eventually also in molecules. Finally we will also investigate novel approaches for the generation of attosecond pulse trains using XUV FELs.

Improved HHG tomography of linear molecules

HHG tomography strongly depends on the quality of alignment of molecules in cold gas jets. We will investigate strategies for a reliable reconstruction of molecular orbitals by HHG in simple linear molecules, even in presence of degraded alignment conditions.

Attosecond XUV-pump-XUV-probe on molecules

The ultrafast autoionization dynamics of small molecules such as H2/D2 (hydrogen and deuterium) will be characterized exploiting high-energy low repetition rate laser systems.

Dynamical structure by HHG

Dynamical structure information in simple molecules using XUV light generated by HHG will be obtained

Website design and development, and Social Media presence

The Webpage of the network will be designed during the first four months. The web-page will be used to advertise the network activities, the open positions until the recruitment of all ESRs, and to disseminate the videoclips (virtual lab tours and video tutorials) and to communicate the list of speakers of the webinars. At the same time the LinkedIn group of the network will be created and maintained.


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Single-shot extreme-ultraviolet wavefront measurements of high-order harmonics

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Spatiotemporal coupling of attosecond pulses

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