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Resource Efficient Food and dRink for the Entire Supply cHain


Protocol for evaluating business food waste

Related to T2.2 - Design of the FOA Pilots; Protocol for evaluating and reporting business food waste arisings (within the context of the FOA) together with baseline data for pilots.

Policy assessment methodology
Consumption life cycle contributions

Related to T13 Scientific report on reliability and validity of alternative closetothe market practical measurement approaches to assess the contribution of different stages of the consumption life cycle to overall food waste at the household level

Description standardized scenarios LCC & LCA

Related to T5.2 - Description of standardized scenarios for LCC and LCA for the DSS to be developed in WP6

An assessment of policies addressing food waste: A pan-European simulation of selected interventions

Related to T4.5 - Report on Pan-European impact analysis of food waste scenario

Causes & Determinants of Consumers Food Waste

Related to T11 Scientific report on the research framework on causes and motivations for food waste and the diversity in cultural and psychographic determinants thereof

Systems maps & analytical framework of change

Related to T3.1 - Systems Maps and Analytical Framework of Change on food waste in a sustainable food system

LCC and LCA evaluation on policy options

Related to T5.4 - LCC and LCA evaluation on policy options. A description of approach and assessment of selected scenarios

Top 20 Food waste streams

Related to T63 Report Identification of top 20 waste streams Information to WPs 15

Inventory business change tools

Related to T24 Inventory of existing guidance and tools to support business change and replicate Project outcomes through the Centre of Excellence resource library via the REFRESH website

Behavioural economics: An agent-based model of retail innovations reducing food waste

Related to T4.4 - Report on behavioural economics: business. Simulation analysis of the different frameworks for action, waste valorisation streams, business engagement, innovative value added approaches

Policy recommendations

Recommendations for complementary policy to support a sustainable food system

By-product valorisation & consumer understanding

Related to T1.7 - Scientific report on the understanding and acceptance of by-product valorisation by consumers

Valorisation appropriate waste streams

Related to T61 Report Medium list of waste streams appropriate for valorisation

A roadmap to reduce the EU food waste

Related to T4.5 - Roadmap for halving food waste by 2030

Gap analysis & design for DSS tool

Related to T2.5 - Report presenting results of gap analysis between existing tools and what tools are required, taking into account business needs, and specification for DSS. Design and validate DSS provided to project network via resource library (CoE).

Valorisation database

Related to T6.2 - Database populated including additional relevant valorisation information. (E.g. geography, methodologies, etc.). Information to WP4

Consumer guidance effects

Related to T1.6 - Scientific report on the contribution of on-pack guidance to food waste, and the effects of alternative guidance formats. Also, a set of optimised on-pack information formats available for testing in WP2 will be delivered.

FA selection process

Related to T2.3 - Documented selection process, case studies and logic map detailing innovation projects; undertake innovation projects to deliver FA

Role of food waste valorisation potential

Related to T6.5 - Report: Assessment of role of waste valorisation in meeting potential targets for waste reduction

Gaining insight in possible actions to reduce food waste by developing a DSS monitoring tool and theoretical pilots.

Related to T2.5 - Report of the development of the DSS monitoring tool and insights in possible actions based on theoretical pilots.

Identification food waste conversion barriers

Related to T6.4 - Report: Social, economic, legislative, environmental barriers identified. [with special reference to conversion of waste to animal feed

Policy briefs on Food Waste key impact areas

Related to T3.34 Policy briefs detailing the key impact areas of REFRESH' main body of evidence, assembling findings of research and consultation dialogue within the Policy Platforms.

Evaluation framework for Action Innovation projects

Related to T2.3 - Report presenting the evaluation of innovation projects, including a series of case studies from Germany, the Netherlands, Hungary and Spain

Innovation management protocol

Information Knowledge Management protocol REFRESH

Methodology for evaluating environmental sustainability

Related to T51 Measures and methodologies for evaluating environmental sustainability dimension of food waste prevention activities waste valorisation and waste management activities

Behavioural economics: Linking Bayesian and agent-based models to assess consumers' food waste

Related to T4.3 - Report on behavioural economics: consumers. Identification and characterization of different consumers’ socio-economic behaviours in relation to food waste

Evaluation FA pilots

Related to T2.6 - Evaluation report documenting the results of the FOA pilots with recommendations for designing a pan-European FOA.

IT tools for food waste reduction

Related to T1.5 - this deliverable will result in a the development of a custom-made ICT tool ready for (national) roll-out in practie as part of WP2. The development of this ICT tool will be preceeded with a report on the design, evaluation and effectiveness of selected ICT-based tools for food waste reduction.

Quantified consumer insights on food waste

Related to T1.4 - Scientific report on the quantified consumer insights into food waste at the household level, with a focus on similarities and differences between and within countries. Als, a common research protocol for application in other countries that are part of the Centre of Excellence initiative of WP2, will be developed, potentially through a viral survey.

EU Policy review and evaluation

EU Policy review and Evaluation

Scale up models & products

Related to T6.5 - Report: Validated models and products for scale up

Generic strategy LCA & LCC

Related to T51 Generic strategy for performing LCA and LCC for evaluation of valorisation routes of resource flows from food production

Dissemination evaluation report & updates

Related to highlighting dissemination activities on the External events, Community of Experts, the Blueprint for voluntary agreements. For each project period (3 in total), the dissemination activities are monitored, consolidating results and impact of activities, to reflect on and evaluate the progress of the dissemination strategy. The final report will be used to reflect on the dissemination strategy during the duration of the project and complete the report about dissemination activities undertaken until the end of the project. All templates and materials developed will be brought together and presented in this report as one synergistic deliverable.

National, Qualitative insight on Household/Catering Food Waste

Related to T12 includes the delivery of reports on the countryspecific qualitative insights into Food waste at the household level and in catering following a common format European diversity in food waste awareness attitudes and practices Expected behaviour of people with respect to which waste streams they are most likely to reduce serving as input for T613

REFRESH project flyer

Project flyer to present the project the partners the activities and results of the REFRESH project to be published in 3 languages to be made available in print and online via the REFRESH website The flyer will be updated following the updates of the dissemination strategy

Outreach on standardization activities

Related to T.7.3.2 (work with standardization bodies)

Food waste high value exploitation hypotheses testing

Related to T6.5 - Prove or disprove hypotheses exploiting waste streams for high value components is beneficial.

Technical guidelines reprocessing food waste

Related to T6.3.3- Report: Provision of technical guidelines for reprocessing of key waste streams and guidance for updating policy and legislation

Methodology for evaluating LCC

Related to T51 Measures and methodologies for evaluating life cycle costs LCC of food waste prevention activities waste valorisation and waste management activities

Socio-economic implications of food waste

Related to T41 Socioeconomic implications of food waste

Impact assessment texture processing

Related to T6.3 - Report: Assessed impact of processing on texture of products

Valorisation hierarchy

Related to T6.3 - Report: Detailed hierarchy of approaches categorised within waste pyramid

Pan-European scenarios of food waste levels

Related to T4.5 - Report on Pan-European and integrated food waste scenario

Viability biobased chemicals production from food waste

Related to T6.3 - Report: The viability of turning wasted food into bio-based chemicals, with TarGET based research into strains for bacterial conversion.

Environmental and economic implications of selected scenarios

Related to T5.3 - Case studies of meat in Germany and tomatoes in Europe

Inventory and evaluation of effectiveness of existing approaches

Related to T21 Determine context and success factors

Data Protocol socio-economic modelling

Related to T42 Data protocol Agent Based Model Bayesisan Network model

Integrated socio-economic model food waste

Related to T4.2 - Integrated model targeting food waste prevention and reduction

Online FA model for replication

Related to T2.6 - Evaluate FA impact and develop Blueprint for wider adoption; online FOA process model developed to allow replication.

Online Decision Support Tool for UK, Netherlands and Spain on the conversion of side flows to animal feed.

Related to T6.3.3 - Online decision support tool roviding guidance and examples allocating side-flows to animal feed.

REFRESH multi-stakeholder conferences and events

Related to T7.2.3 - Two European REFRESH multi-stakeholder conferences and events, M20, M38

Valorisation models

Related to T6.4 - Models: Developed valorisation models in spreadsheet format. Output to WP4

REFRESH website, social media & identity

Related to T721 Website T722 project identitiy T728 T727 T724 T732 T734 T726 T723The REFRESH website will be delivered at Month 8 After this it will be continuously updated including newsitems archive of newsletters biannually new versions of the REFRESH Project flyers including introduction updates of results in 3 EU languages announcement of events press releases and a members only entrypoint The website will provide links to the social media activities Facebook Twitter LinkedIn of the project which will be developed to support the dissemination of REFRESH results it will also include downloadable documents and links to further activities and publications within the project The website will also announce and facilitate the food waste contest and support the facilitationdissemination of the Centre of Excellence

Online acces & support Center of Excellence

Accessible active resource library through the Centre of Excellence via the REFRESH website

(Co-)products food database portal

Web based portal giving access to database food products & co-product compositions

Food Waste contest

Food waste contest with video trailer


An integrated framework for the assessment of life cycle costs and environmental impacts of food waste

Author(s): Fabio, De Menna; Jennifer, Davis; Karin, Östergren; Nicole, Unger; Marion, Loubiere; Matteo, Vittuari
Published in: Resource Efficiency e Sustainable Development Goals: il ruolo del Life Cycle Thinking -, 2017
Publisher: Atti del XI Convegno della Rete Italiana LCA, Roma

Combining life cycle assessment and costing for food waste prevention and valorization

Author(s): Fabio De Menna, Jennifer Davis, Karin Östergren, Nicole Unger, Marion Loubiere, Matteo Vittuari
Published in: 2017
Publisher: Italian Society of Agricultural Economics conference

On the effectiveness of food waste reducing actions in a meat supply chain

Author(s): ME Buisman; R. Haijema; JM Bloemhof-Ruwaard; JCAM Snels
Published in: Herbert, U., & Kreyenschmidt, J. Cold Chain Management, Issue 6 June 2016, 2016, Page(s) 81-88
Publisher: Bonn University

A common framework for assessing life cycle impacts of food waste prevention, valorisation & treatment

Author(s): Unger, N.; Davis, J.; Östergren, K.; Loubiere, M.
Published in: Issue 8-11 November 2016, 2016
Publisher: website of Recy&Depotech 2016

Donation management for menu planning at soup kitchens

Author(s): Marjolein E. Buisman, Rene Haijema, Renzo Akkerman, Jacqueline M. Bloemhof
Published in: European Journal of Operational Research, Issue 272/1, 2019, Page(s) 324-338, ISSN 0377-2217
Publisher: Elsevier BV
DOI: 10.1016/j.ejor.2018.06.005

Quantifying food wastage of main agrifood products and its carbon footprint: Case of Germany Master’s thesis for the Master’s degree program, Environmental Engineering,In the institute of Chemical Engineering, Biotechnology & Environmental Technology,Faculty of Engineering,At the University of Southern Denmark

Author(s): Neele Praß
Published in: 2016
Publisher: University of Southern Denmark

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