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SweNet Innovation Specialist and Key Account Manager Service

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - Swennis (SweNet Innovation Specialist and Key Account Manager Service)

Période du rapport: 2014-07-01 au 2014-12-31

The objectives of this project were to initiate the work to make the innovation system in small and medium size companies more efficient by providing the following services:
- Key Account Management (KAM) services to beneficiaries of the SME Instrument of Horizon 2020
- Enhancing Innovation management capacity (EIMC) in highly innovative SMEs having a high potential for internationalization.

The consortium consisting of three partners + coordinator have been delivering the services according to plan and totally 44 SMEs have started their innovation management development journey of which 14 were beneficiaries of the SME Instrument Phase 1.

Swerea IVF:
5 beneficiaries of the SME Instrument phase 1 have been introduced to the KAM process and have all responded positively to the offer. 3 need analysis have been carried out and three business coaches have been selected during the very short project period.
14 highly innovative SMEs have been introduced to the “Enhancing Innovation Management Capacity” offer during the period. Four assessments were completed using IMP3rove and the Irish Innovation Health Check Tool. Four Action plans were carried out and discussed and prioritized by the companies. Implementations of the actions have started.
Acreo Swedish ICT:
8 companies have responded positively to the offer of an Improve assessment and workshop. 2 assessments have been completed and 6 are still waiting for agreement of date. 9 companies have been introduced to the KAM process although only 2 are running with business coaches.
LTU Business AB (former Centek):
8 companies informed and interested to take the next step in forming an application and conducting an Imp3rove assessment.

The companies introduced to the services have gained increased awareness of the importance of innovation capacity building activities and the innovation support (including assessment and coaching) offered by the European Union via the Enterprise Europe Network.
For EIMC services innovative companies that we (other EEN advisor or our organization) know were contacted and offered to enhance their innovation management capacity with very positive results. A pre-meeting was held with each company to present the 7 days EIMC offer (including assessment, action plan and implementation) as well as presenting the innovation tool to be used. Once using the IMP3rove tool the company was demanded to subscribe into the IMP3rove website, to fill in some financial data as well as to select two product groups in advance to facilitate the process of the assessment.

Two innovation support providers carried out the assessment together. One was taking care of the questionnaire and the other of the notes. Both made sure that good and relevant discussion was assured. At least 2-3 persons (up to 6) from the company attended the assessment to assure a diversified discussion.

The innovation support providers from EEN proposed an action plan after studying the assessment report. The action plan was always discussed and prioritized together with the company before starting the implementation.

For the KAM process, selected Key Account Manager contacted the SME Instrument beneficiaries and introduced them to the KAM services. Each company was visited and a need analysis was carried out before looking for relevant business coaches. Business coaches were selected and introduced to the company who did the final selection.

Training for SweNet staff in Horizon 2020 SME Instrument and selection criteria for high potential SMEs.
Enterprise Europe Network in Sweden, as whole, has gained even deeper competence, through the innovation management specialists, within innovation management in small and medium sized enterprises.

Swedish small and medium sized enterprises that has benefitted from this project is now better prepared to handle future innovations. The enterprises has also included different competences in their innovation management process, which had led to enhanced innovations.