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BROWNFIELD Decontamination In Southern Europe. Preparing PCP to R+D for efficient, cost effective and innovative solutions for brownfields decontamination


D.3.2. Evaluation sheets and rank-ordered needs list

A report containing the data incoming from the following partnersAYUNTAMIENTO DE BILBAOCAMARA DO SEIXAL BAIA DO TEJO CITTALIARFVG

D.3.4. PCP structure design

Description of the fundamental decisions on procurement structure i duration ii overall budget iii number type and duration of RD services and phases iv budget allocation per phase v number of offers required per phase

D.2.3. Comprehensive study of the state of the art techniques technologies for soil decontamination

Aiming an extensive range of solutions to be implemented in the case studies of the project a compilation of innovative emerging or even disruptive remediation technologies will be performed This technology description will include capabilities and drawbacks cost estimations further developments needed related to emerging or premarket ready technologies time of performance etc Based on this collection of technologies functional demands of the brownfields will be compared and assessed aiming most suitable solutions from an overall and integrated approach

"D. 4.4. Guide “How to decontaminate brownfields with PCP"""

A practicalvisual handbook to show to public entities steps to follow to proceed to decontaminate brownfields through Precommercial ProcurementThis will include as well the barriers and solutions foundRecommendations for administrative contract documents Recommendations on innovation Evaluation Criteria Focus on results Differences between PCP PPI and Competitive DialogueQuick guide for Public ProcurersQuick guide for Suppliers

D.2.2. Report on patent related to soil decontamination

List of patented compatible soilgroundwater remediation technologies in relation to their costbenefit or value added recorded to identify innovative solutions

D.3.3. Report on solutions and answers to problems identified

A report about the different barriers found such as legal financial environmental and procedural and will focus on the solutions to solve them up The document will include a specific issue pointed out by procurers and a list of different barriers that may be found in general in brownfields pointing out possible solutions according the PCP process

D 2.4. Report Measuring the Innovation gap on technological foresight

Assessments of technologies that enable to visualize the future impact of soil decontamination development their relevance to common needs identified via PCP their advantage in a joint and Europeanscale procurement

D.3.1 Report on PCP structured analysis

Report that contains among others common information aboutRankorder the perceived needs A list of needs and prioritizationThe presumed volume of expenditure The current concentration level of the supply channel The need for open standards at an European level The expected impact on raising European industrys innovative performance

D.4.6. Agenda and list of participant to disseminating event

The Brodise diseminating Report will include a complete list ofdissemination acts done or expectedworkshops participationevents participants list public bodies technologists research centers multistakeholders involved list

Task 5.5. Final disseminating event preparation

A report about the final event Quantitative and qualitative impact of the eventNumber of special guests speakers and sponsors Number of activities and themes Mention social activities if any coffee breaks banquet Number of preenrollment enrollment and invitations or scholarships Comprehensive database of registered Audiovisual material photographs of activities corporate video A video with different spaces and activities that were experienced during the event A sample of all the material that was presented in the pre event and during the event announcements programs invitations etc Survey reviews and evaluation of participants

D.2.1. Technical dialogue public notice advertised in TED

The announce on TED EU database Tenders Electronic Daily of the Technical Dialogue on Decontamination of Soils in order that all interested bodies technologists or suppliers could join the project

D.4.3. Call for expression of interest published and advertised in web site of each partner

The announce through the partners web pages of the BRODISE project in order to enlarge the potential interested public demandPublic Procurers from local regional national European regionsTechnologistsResearch CentersDecontamination solution Providers

D.4.2. Training resources and materials

A report about the training resources used for every partnerLeafletsWorkshopsConferencesWebAnd their comments on how afterwards the audience was enlarge andor participate on the Brodise Project

D.4.5. Buyer network created on Innovation Procurement Forum

A report about the buyer network group createdthe participants the alliances created the interaction into Brodisethe open information system createdAn experience that should go further from Brodise time line

Publication of WebSite

WebSite Set up and maintain a web site in order to keep up to date relevant information about the project development next steps how to get involved activitiesThe WebSite will be registered under a eu domain and it will be active from the beginning of the project and for at least 3 years after finishing this If so considers the European CommissionIt will provide RSS feeds to enable syndication by third parties so to consider potential users

D.4.1. Dissemination plan

A report on specific actions made to enlargedifferent potential public buyers local national europeandecontamination technologists suppliersresearch centers interestedA newsletter to describe the project and its achievementsA tutorial about how to proceed through PCP to find a decontamination solution for brownfieldsA report on the conferences attended to spread the experienceA report about the different web platforms where our project has been publicated

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