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Children Born of War - Past, Present and Future



ATC delivered

Network Open Day (during ATC3/4)

Open Day planned and delivered by ESRs with support of participants

Institutional Outreach

ESR and supervisor participation in inst. Outreach On-going from month 9


ATC delivered


ATC delivered

Collaboration with policy-makers

Meetings held with relevant platforms e.g. History and Policy On-going from month 12

Publications in peer-reviewed journals

Submitted by ESRs and supervisors Periodic from month 33

Network Open Day

Open Day planned and delivered by ESRs with support of participants


ATC delivered

Policy Briefs

Research results translated into policy briefs Periodic from month 33

Utilisation of res. Outcomes for programming and interv.

Engagement by ESRs and supervisors completed On-going from month 12


ATC delivered

Outreach through AHRC-CBOW network

Dissemination of research progress and outcomes via website On-going from month 18


ATC delivered

Training Materials based on ATCs

Material reviewed and made publically available via network website

Musical Vaterland

Participation in production and completion of CBOW musical

Network Website

Website operational

Newpaper articles, e-newsletter, podcasts

Contributions by ESRs published On-going from month 12

BBC Documentary

Participation in production and completion of documentary on CBOW

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