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ALPS Consortium KAM and Enhancing Innovation Management Service 2014


In the 3 regions covered by ALPS EEN Consortium (Piemonte, Liguria and Valle d’Aosta), the project will provide a new service enhancing the innovation management capacity of SMEs to two specific groups of SMEs:
- Beneficiaries of the SME Instrument
- SMEs with significant innovation activities and a high potential for internationalisation.

The main goal of the project is to support SMEs innovation management capacity; a seven-day service package will be provided to them, regardless of the belonging to the first or second specific group.

The Action will generate the provision of 35 service packages: 1 for Valle d'Aosta, 26 for Piemonte, 8 for Liguria, in coherence with the economic weight of the covered regions.

Services to be provided:
1. Providing Key Account Management services to beneficiaries of the SME Instrument Phase one:
The packages delivered will depend on the success rate in the SME Instrument Phase 1. As phase 2 will not be covered throughout 2014, it is reasonable to deliver more service packages to innovative companies (point 2).
2. Providing audits to selected SMEs with significant innovation and a high potential for internationalisation with the aim of enhancing their innovation management capacities.

According to the potentiality of the SMEs located in the ALPS Regions, targets are:
4 packages for KAM Services
31 packages for “Innovation Management” Services

Relation to the Work Programme:
1. Lack of innovation management capacity is recognised as an important barrier to creating economic impact from innovation activities in SMEs: the project aims at providing focused consulting services enhancing the SME innovation management capacity.
2. The assessment will be based on the IMP³rove methodology

The project is embedded in the ALPS EEN consortium, which will drive and support with complementary services the development of the Action. 4 ALPS EEN partners will allocate 4 senior experts whose total engagement will be over 12 person/month.


Net EU contribution
€ 31 113,00
10128 TORINO

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Nord-Ovest Piemonte Torino
Activity type
Total cost
€ 38 891,25

Participants (3)