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Reporting period: 2014-07-01 to 2014-12-31

Lack of innovation management capacity is recognised as an important barrier for creating economic impact from the innovation capacities in SMEs. Innmadrimasd, project lead by the Enterprise Europe Network node in Madrid, address this need by providing high specialised services focus on innovation management.
The project willofer two services, “Key account management” services to beneficiaries of SME instrument under Europe H2020 programme and Innovation services enhancing the innovation management capacity to SMEs that aspire to improve their innovation organization.
SME instrument is a funding opportunity under H2020 to supports close-to-market activities to breakthrough innovation, all beneficiaries of SME instrument in Madrid were to be contacted and offered them the expertise advice of a coach, KAM services. This coaching has enabled them to address their needs and gaps.
For SMEs focused on innovation, innovation management is a key element of their organizations, thereof the objective is to make them awareness of the benefits and profitability of a proper innovation management. This will be done by a specialised services based on analysis their innovation management system and give them an achievable realistic action plan
All SME instrument beneficiaries in Madrid were contacted; A member of the EEN madrimasd analysis their needs and gaps, searched the coach database of the European Commissionto select the best coach matching their needs. This tutor, known as KAM, selected up to five expert coaches and helped the company in their selection.
The coach and the company worked together to improve their innovation management, to cover and address the needs previously recognised. After the coaching 50% of the companies submitted to SME instrument phase 2, also great feedback from the companies in relation to the coach work was collected.
For the services enhancing the innovation management capacity action, a new service, gain knowledge and expertise in the execution and the methodology (Improve assessment from AT Kearney) was the main work. EEN members involve attented training courses and an EEN decentralised peer on this new innovation services.
This learning process and first services pakage provision has shown Madrid’s consortium the importance of this tool potencial to increase innovation management, as a method of management and measure their innovation. It is important to highlight that in Spain ISO 9.001 quality assurance certification has a much higher market penetration that in any other European country, innovation management is still in a very early stage. Companies do not see innovation management or innovation caoching as a benefit for them. Nevertheless, already several companies have being contact and action plans provided.
Spanish companies lack in their culture a written and structured method to manage their innovation. These new services can create a new culture of addressing innovation culture and innovation capacities. High-potential innovation companies will be coach to address their needs and given an action plan to overcome their barrier and go beyond in their innovations.
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