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Consumer Driven Local Production with the Help of Virtual Design and Digital Manufacturing


Website, videos, YouTube, Social Media

An open web site will be established for publishing the results of the project according to the principle of Open Access. Once the pilot line is up and running, videos will be made and distributed through YouTube and other social media. News of the progress of the project will be delivered for the above mentioned industry associations for them to publish news releases in their web sites.

Final product construction report

Final report on new pattern technology for modular customization.

Dissemination and data management plans

According to the principles of Open Access the participants shall agree on a dissemination and data management plan at the beginning of the project. Special consideration will be given to software already developed and modified for the project, radically new product construction and the from-roll-to-bag production line applications. Alternative dissemination measures will be selected.

Detailed targets for the project

Based on the knowledge search and consumer survey as well as Kick-Off Round Table Workshop the participants shall set detailed targets for the whole configuration, including software and hardware, as follows: • interactive avatar • 3D sales configurator • interactive rendering • consumer interface (digital and mobile) • pattern design technology • order management and connections between virtual design and sales technology and digital manufacturing technology • from-roll-to-bag production line equipment and software • pilot line configuration • schedule up-date

Final report

Final report on the project

Consumer search and knowledge search report

An Internet consumer survey is carried out regarding consumer preferences. The questions are based on information from the knowledge search for earlier studies and studies performed by other participants. A report of requirements will be produced for the Kick-off meeting.

Trade and scientific publications

The project results will be made publically known through scientific articles and trade publications, which will be written by various participants. The purpose is to highlight the total concept, how it functions and which are the benefits to the users. The results will be highlighted to consumers through fashion and general publications.

Test and evaluation report regarding the From-roll-to-bag production technology

The from-roll-to-bag production technology is tested by producing the orders placed by the selected consumers. The performance of the line is evaluated for further development of the system.

Interim management report

Report on project management

Test and evaluation report regarding the virtual design and sales technology

Selected consumers will test the virtual design and sales technology through PC, Tablet and Smart Phone. They are interviewed regarding the shopping experience and in regards to any constraints or problems in the system. Their feed-back is used for further development of the system.

Selection on suitable materials and production machinery for the From-roll-to-bag production line

Suitable materials for digital production are selected, for example cotton and blends for a line with knife cutter and synthetic materials for laser cutting line. Selection of a digital printing unit, a possible steaming unit, a cutter, assembly technology and accessories store.

6th month progress report

Project progess report at the end of the 6th month.

Road show workshops

Road Show Workshops will be organized in different countries for demonstrating how the consumer driven local production line operates with the help of digital design, marketing and manufacturing. Apparel manufacturers, retailers and software providers will be able to see and experience how such systems can be organized and operated. Beside oral presentation the overall configuration of the project shall be demonstrated live with a physical from-roll-to-bag production line or through videos of the pilot line. The workshops will be organized jointly with local fashion and textile industry organizations through-out Europe, as highlighted earlier (Finatex, Teko, Dansk Mode & Textil, Fedustria, Modint, Fedecon and Anivec).


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