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A New, Evolutive API and Transport-Layer Architecture for the Internet


Data management plan

Report explaining which of the research data generated by the project will be made open, according to Horizon 2020’s Open Research Data Pilot guidelines.

Validation and evaluation results

Demonstrator and report collating and summarising the most important experimental results. The report will also outline any best practices for implementation of NEAT and recommendations for future enhancements.

Report on dissemination and standardisation efforts

Reports the dissemination and standardization activities with quantified impact of different measures.

First version of services and APIs

Report containing a first specification of the transport services and APIs to be implemented.

Final version of services and APIs

Update of deliverable D1.2, with the definitive specification of transport services and APIs.

First version of low-level core transport system

Report presenting the basic building blocks of the low-level NEAT transport system.

Exploitation plan

Reports on-going and planned exploitation by project partners, and as far as possible for external actors. Analysis and quantification of impact will also be presented when possible.

NEAT architecture

Report describing the NEAT transport system architecture and recording the initial requirements analysis and describing the use cases to be considered by the Project.

Core transport system, with both low-level and high-level components

Report presenting the first version of the complete core NEAT transport system.

Final version of NEAT-based tools

Report detailing the final versions of tools and tests developed for validation and performance analysis.

Final version of Core transport system

Update of Deliverable D2.2, with the definitive implementation of the core NEAT transport system released as open-source code.

Public dissemination tools and website

Completed website, profile, dissemination templates and other useful tools.

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fling: A Middlebox Measurement Platform

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