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Business and IT-Cloud Alignment using a Smart Socket


Open Cloud Socket Research Data

Release of avialable open data from CloudSocket according Data Management Plan.


An openly accessible demonstrator for interested 3rd parties and early adopters of the CloudSocket including sample processes produced in the project.

Modelling Prototypes for BPaaS

Architecture and Description of Process Orchestration for Business Process as a Services

First BPaaS Execution Environment

First prototype implementation implementing Business Process Workspace functionality according to requirements

First BPaaS Design and Evaluation Environment

First prototype implementing the Business Process Marketplace functionality according to requirements.

First BPaaS Allocation Infrastructure

First prototype for the CloudSocket Infrastructure for the CloudSocket broker

BPaaS Allocation and Execution Environment Prototypes

Deployed prototype in University laboratory environment

Final BPaaS Allocation Infrastructure

Second prototype including brokers experiences and feedback

BPaaS Monitoring and Evaluation Prototypes

Deployed prototypes of process-based billing modules including business learning support.

Final BPaaS Design and Evaluation Environment

This is the final prototype of the BPaaS Design and Evaluation Environment that will be evaluated in WP6

Cloud Transformation Framework

Assessment and guidance framework for enterprises towards transformation to the Cloud.

Final BPaaS Execution Environment

This is the final prototype of the BPaaS Execution Environment that will be evaluated in WP6

Training Platform

Realization of an open training platform featuring relevant project results for interested stakeholders. This project result will be one of the main pillars of the sustainability activities planned in D8.2.

Collaboration Portal and Innovation Sho

Continuous collection of results in order to foster a build-up of a CloudSocket community from interested 3rd parties outside the consortium.

Project Website

Website consist (1) –public website used as a dissemination and communication channels and (2) – private part for cooperative work between the consrtium partners

Project Folder

A leaflet for promotion in dissemination and communication channels.

First Year Dissemination Collection

This report collects papers and describes the relations toward the project goals similar to a conference proceeding.

Second Year Dissemination Collection

D7.3 update with results of the second year.

Demonstration Run and Evaluation Report

This deliverable reports on the demonstrations run at the user sites in three iterations with different settings of the infrastructure and involved stakeholders.

Data Management Plan

This document provides the plan on the Data Management aligned with the Open Data guidleines within H2020

Final CloudSocket Architecture

Update of first CloudSocket Architecture considering findings and evaluation of the first implementation cycle.

Use Case Analysis and Evaluation Criteria Specification

In depth analysis of the key challenges and requirements of the use cases and a generic research on typical use cases not in the project as well as concrete and generic evaluation criteria to measure the success

First CloudSocket Architecture

First CloudSocket Architecture

BPaaS Allocation and Execution Environment Blueprints

Prototype implementation on the Open Models Platform

Knowledge Provision for CloudSocket: Findings and Feedback

Findings, comments and feedback of the overall approach including deliverable addendums, where previously submitted deliverables need corrections after this findings.

Dissemination and Use Report

Concluding report on communicaiton, dissemination and cooperation activities.

Modelling Framework for BPaaS

Specification on hybrid modelling, semantic lifting to enable Cloud Eco-System Design.

Financial Impact Analysis Report

This deliverable focuses on the financial aspects (e.g. Return on Investment) of CloudSocket application.

Evaluation Report

This deliverable provides a report on the evaluation of the CloudSocket at the two user sites.

BPaaS Monitoring and Evaluation Blueprints

Specification and description of rules, inferences and log mining techniques.

CloudSocket Integration Report

Report on integration tasks and findings.

CloudSocket Brockerage Test report and Documentation

Final test report and documentation of the CloudSocket.

BPaaS . References, Definition and Common Terms

Common technical understanding on (a) business process management, (b) workflow management, (c) semantic based business and IT alignment, (d) cloud deployment parameters

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