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High Performance Low Cost Virtual Studios for Creative Industries SMEs


The vision in project SmartSet is to develop a low cost virtual studio solution that will have the same quality and functionality of high cost solutions used by large broadcast companies so that the SmartSet solution will:
A. Increase the competitiveness of the European creative industries, particularly in the broadcast media sector;
B. Contribute to expanding a vibrant EU technological ecosystem for the creative industries' needs and foster exchanges between the creative industries SMEs and providers of ICT innovative solutions;
C. Stimulate the adoption and deployment of innovative ICT solutions by creative industries SMEs, particularly in the broadcast media and content production sector.
Creative industry SMEs such as regional and local TV stations, production companies are at a disadvantage when it comes to access to cost-effective virtual studio technology. To realise the vision in project SmartSet the objectives for this Innovation Action are:
1. Formulate and implement a stakeholder consultation process to support creative industry SMEs in leveraging emerging ICT technologies for the development of innovative products, tools, applications and services with high commercial potential.
2. Devise mechanisms to verify that user requirements are being met and the innovation potential can be clearly demonstrated.
3. Define and integrate a novel state of the art graphics engine with advanced image and video processing capabilities into a simplified and inexpensive self-contained SmartSet hardware platform.
4. Build a validation environment to ensure user requirements are central to system performance and are incorporated into the design.
5. Refine the SmartSet solution according validation results and prepare bug-free solution for commercialisation.
6. Create and implement a dissemination strategy and plan designed to generate a critical mass of interest in the SmartSet solution.
7. Design and implement an exploitation strategy and business modelling process

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The organization defined itself as SME (small and medium-sized enterprise) at the time the Grant Agreement was signed.

Este Comunitat Valenciana Valencia/València
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Private for-profit entities (excluding Higher or Secondary Education Establishments)
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