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CORDIS - EU research results

Network of summer academies for the improvement of entrepreneurship in innovative sectors


Agreement for the European System of Summer Academy

Document with the agreement and the guidelines for the adhesion to the European System of Summer Academies

Edition 2 of CREA ICT Business Idea Contest

Second edition of the Event realised with investors and pitching presentations.

Online training and pitching

Online training and pitching performed with all international short listed candidates.

Tools for the business model development

Interactive tools used by the students during the summer academies usefull to develop the business model

Edition 1 of CREA ICT Business Idea Contest

First edition of the Event realised with investors and pitching presentations.

Final Report with indication of the EU Commission

Document with guidelines for the EU Commission

Report results in depth research

Report of in depth research with highlights and guidelines

Dossier Summer Academies

Evaluation plan and activity report of each Summer Academy

Common Tools Summer Academies

Common Set of tools (format, documents and guidelines) used in each Summer Academy

List of the final panel of participants

This deliverable will provide the list of the participants to the final panel. It will also include the report of the interviews.

Dossier Best Practices Summer Schools

Collection of best practice cases at international level with SWOT analysis and guidelines

List of students applied to the call

Final report with the list of students applied to the call with cv and short profile.

Dossier of presentations

This deliverable will collect the presentations provided by the experts during the training sessions.

Dossier Common Terminology for European Network of Summer Academy

Handbook with the glossary and the methodology for the start up of the European Network of Summer Academy

Six Hospitatlity programs

Documentation for participants in order to support their application and European mobility.

Registers for the Summer Academies

Participant registers

Dossier with the ideas submitted to the call

Dossier with the collection of presentations submitted with the application to the call for business ideas.

European Call

Collection of documents used for the call for participants published on the website

Project Website

Project website, to disseminate information about the objectives and results of the project, to publish the EU call for ideas and make available additional resources to students.

Video of the events in high-school

Movie realized during the events with High Schools

Dossier with Elevator Pitch Presentations

This deliverable will collect the Elevator Pitch presentations developed during the Summer Academies. Each Summer Academy will have one dossier.

Final pitching and award ceremony

Final Pitching event with Award Ceremony and evaluation of business ideas by the jury

Intranet for file and document sharing

This deliverable is a tools to provide public access to the project results and documents. It will be implemented as part of the project website.

Promotional and communication tools and material

Corporate image of the project and tools for the promotion of the Summer Academies (letterhead, logo, postcard and brochure)

List of candidates on a national level

Short list of candidates on a national level selected for the CREA ICT Business Idea Contest

Videos of the final events

All the final events will be filmed and a number of videos will be produced, demonstarting te work and approach followed during the Summer Academies. The videos will be made available through the CREA Project portal.

On-line Tools for Mentoring and Coaching

Blog and website area where participants and mentors can work and share knowledge

Videos (180-200)

Videos realized by each team in order to communicate the business idea

Videos for the international events

Videos realized during each Summer Academy


Creativity and ICT to drive new entrepreneurship education

Author(s): Jonker, Thera; Konstantelou, Anastasia; Kutsikos, Kostas; Sikkema, Karen; Arianna, Vignati; ZURLO, Francesco
Published in: Open Design for E-very-thing, Issue 1, 2017, Page(s) 327, ISBN 978-952-60-0081-7
Publisher: Hong Kong Design Institute

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