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PROPHETIC:An innovating Personal Healthcare Service for a holistic remote management and treatment of Parkinson patients.


PROPHETIC Dissemination plan

the report will concern the targeted media and event to disseminate the results of the project: journal, website, specific conferences, workshop

User Requirements

This report will describe the usability requirements of the PROPHETIC platform as well as specific identified application scenarios

Activity Report

Project activity report per 6 months

Interim report on dissemination and exploitation

Interim report on dissemination and exploitation on M12 followed by an update on M24

Annual Project Management Report

Annual project management reports i.e. every 12 months

Quality Assurance Plan

Quality Assurance plan for the project's outcomes

Annual Cost statement reports

Annual Cost statement reports i.e. per 12 months

State of the art Analysis

Analysis of the state of the art technologies that can be used in PROPHETIC

Final Project Report

Final Project Report

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Bat algorithm guided navigation of nanobots swarm inside the brain

Author(s): Maria Kalogeropoulou, Panagiotis Katrakazas, Dimitris Koutsouris
Published in: 2016

A nano-bots based methodology for assessing the acoustic signal's attenuation in the auditory system's pathway

Author(s): Maria Kalogeropoulou, Panagiotis Katrakazas, Kostas Giokas and Dimitrios - Dionysios Koutsouris
Published in: 2016