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Dragon - Sustaining Technology And Research Plus (EU-China Collaboration)


Recommendation paper for European funding agencies supporting the planning of joint calls

A recommendation paper for European funding agencies supporting the planning of joint calls will be produced.

Report on the qualitative Chinese Participation in FP programs

Two Report on the qualitative Chinese Participation in FP programs: Months 18 and 36.

Possible future scenarios for China Innovation 2030

To ensure that the policy discussions are held with the future in mind, an in depth scenarios work will be implemented and feed the strategic policy discussions of the EC and the member states.

Recommendation papers gained from the results of three thematic workshops

The consortium will organize three bi-regional consultation events on the three priority areas identified between the EC and China (Urbanisation, BioEconomy, and ICT). Recommendation papers gained from the results of three thematic workshops will be produced.

Project Dissemination & Communication activities report

The report will provide an overview of the performed disseminatin activities and the their respective impact.

Dissemination & Communication Plan - Project Environment Analysis

A DragonStarPLUS Dissemination & Communication Plan will be drafted, listing planned dissemination and communication activities, tools and channels, matching them with target stakeholders categories and key performance indicators.

A project assessment report

The DRAGON-STARPLUS assessment process will utilise qualitative and quantitative methods ensuring the integrity of the process.

Periodic report, Final Report

The collection of the relevant information, the production, and the submission of the periodic and final reports.

Moving to China – Best Practice – guide

An appealing best-practice guide to provide information on the research issues facing European researchers moving to China, will be produced.

Report on measures to overcome weaknesses in STI cooperation

A report on measures to overcome weaknesses in STI cooperation will be produced, based on a survey analysis.

Two Dialogue Roundtables within the framework of relevant conferences of the EC

In cooperation with the EC two Dialogue Roundtables will be arranged so as to enhance direct dialogues among European and Chinese policymakers, research communities, funding agencies and industry leaders and collect the results of the face-to-face communications and brainstorming.

Brokerage event

The organisation of a major Brokerage event in Europe where Chinese organisations and institutions will be called to present their scientific results and innovative technologies to European counterparts and enterprises. The event will be organised ideally in conjunction with a major European conference and in collaboration with the Enterprise Europe Network.

3 Annual H2020 events

3large H2020 events will be organised annually, in cooperation with other stakeholders (CAS, CAAS, EC, major universities, etc). The event will provide the opportunity to present the new calls (especially the topics with strong Chinese interest) and will highlight alternative funding mechanisms for the Chinese participants

8 H2020 workshops/trainings around China

Smaller scale events organized around China. Responsible partners: CSTEC, CAU, UNNC

Two match making business tours

Two business tours will be organised, with up to 20 European R&D managers from the universities, research institutes and companies visiting important international events such as the annual ITTC - International Technology Transfer Congress in China that aims at generating concrete results of cooperation.

Two policy discussion workshops

Two workshops will be organized in China to focus on concrete topics of policy discussions and initiate feasible joint research cooperation and concrete projects funded by European and Chinese funding mechanisms.

Two Thematic Workshops on Research Collaboration

Two Thematic Conferences on joint research cooperation will be organised.

Two workshops for Science Counsellors and STI Think Tanks

Two workshops focusing on Science Counsellors and on STI Think Tanks based in China that are active in analysis and foresight activities will be organised to discuss and highlight specific challenges.

5 Webinars on Chinese funding programs

The five webinars on Chinese programs are due to the following Months: 7/13/19/25/31

Establishment of a three-person external review committee

An external 3-person advisory group will be created to provide guidance. The members of the Advisory board will be selected bringing together high level representatives from the policy makers, industry and research fields.

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