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Promoting the Implementation of Safe by Design


The CSA links different initiatives and facilitates the integration of results from these initiatives, so that a maximum use of these results can benefit the regulatory process. The CSA is designed to facilitate this process and show European leadership on chemical safety, including nano’s.

The aim of this activity is to coordinate and support for risk assessment, management and governance by streamlining data acquisition, collection and management on regulatory orientated toxicology testing of nanomaterials, exposure monitoring, LCA, and disposal and treatment of waste nanomaterials. A number of topics were not included in NANoREG, as they fell outside the scope of that call. The principles enshrined in NANoREG will through PROSAFE be transferred to as many other member states and non-EU states as possible.

Nano-safety can be considered to improve significantly when Safe by Design is internationally accepted to guarantee safety. But it lacks agreed definitions, guarantees, and therefore confidence for acceptance. PROSAFE will facilitate and promote the acceptance of Safe by Design within the EU-COM, its Member and Associated states. Consideration is given to regulatory developments including challenges raised by the convergence between nano and biotechnologies.

To prepare for the future, after decades of playing EHS catch-up on innovations that became major environmental hazards like lead, asbestos, PCB’s, a shift is needed towards a proactive approach of demonstrating safety and sustainability in pre-commercial innovation.
Priorities are:
•Move from generalized discussions to case specific differences
•Improve characterization of nanomaterials and require reporting on their use
•Increase funding for research on ecotoxicology and environmental fate and behaviour
•Use value chains assessments when considering environmental impacts
•Commit to environmentally sustainable and socially robust innovation.

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