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Strategic investments in European manufacturing to win global challenges


Report from the promotion campaign, including promotional materials and press information kit

A detailed report with the description of a strategy for event promotion (providing a list of target audiences reached and communicational channels and types of promotional materials used) with included promotional materials and press release kits and other publicity texts used in the campaign

Final position paper

Position Paper on the Strategic investments in European manufacturing

M-Future2015 project web site

M-Future2015 project web site

MANUFUTURE 2015 conference web site

A fully-functioning conference website with a participant self-registration facility and the detailed information provided about speakers and topics of their presentations with updated news from the conference organisers and partners

Final programme of MANUFUTURE 2015

A programme containing descriptions of plenary sessions and parallel workshops giving the details of speakers, titles and schedule of presentations.

Report from photo competition

Report from photo competition

Post-conference analysis

A report with the results of the survey of the conference participants highlighting the major achievements and the areas for improvement on the basis of the participant feedback via a questionnaire and one-on-one discussions.

Downloadable set of MANUFUTURE 2015 post-conference materials

The conference papers provided for download in a .pdf format from the restricted area on the website accessible upon authorization with person account details provided by the conference organisers

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