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DemoWind ERA-NET Cofund action - delivering cost reduction in offshore wind


Transnational Project Progress Report Template

Template for the Transnational Project Progress Report (TPPR) - which will be used to report progress on each report, including details of progress against the KPIs being addressed by each transnational project.

List of Contracted Transnational Projects

List of Contracted Transnational Projects - transnational projects for which DemoWind contracts are in place.

Approved Call Documents

A series of call documents including the Call Text, Call Guidance Notes, the Application Form and Evaluation Forms and Evaluation Summary Reports finalised and approved by the Commission.

Monitoring Guidance Note

Monitoring Guidance Note: outlining agreed monitoring procedures, criteria and tools: Procedures for reviewing and reporting transnational project progress, including completion of progress report templates and feedback procedures.

Interim Dissemination and Exploitation Report

Interim dissemination and Exploitation Report: A programme of presentations/other dissemination activities to key stakeholders, midway through the DemoWind projects, with the aim of sharing lessons learned and best practice.

Call Publicity Material

Call Publicity Material may include: weblinks, flyers, press notices and presentations required to advertise the launch of the call.

Impact Assessment Report

Impact Assessment Report Report describing the impact of the action towards EU goals including market potential of projects and how the scheme has derisked private investment in offshore wind

Best Practice Report

‘Best Practice’ Report for dissemination to key stakeholders: A report capturing the lessons learned and best practice for this ERANET Co-Fund activity.

List of Stage 1 Successful Projects

List of project consortia to be invited to submit a full proposal for Stage 2 evaluation.

Final Dissemination and Exploitation report

Final Dissemination and Exploitation Report: Summary of activities to share lessons learned and best practice, and publicise the exploitation of results.

Final Demonstration Project Progress report

Final Demonstration Project Progress Report Synthesis of individual final project reports in order to inform the Final Report to the Commission

Call Launch

The Transnational call will open for submission of project proposals - via the Electronic Submission System.

Project Website and ESS

Website and associated secure electronic submission system in place.

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