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Content archived on 2024-04-19

Three-Dimensional Modules Packaging


The TRIMOD project aims to develop a technology that allows very high packaging densities in electronic systems. In principle, the method consists of using epoxy to stack silicon dies (chips on tape), allowing input/output connections to be made on the sides of cubes created by machining with conventional silicon sawing equipment.
Two random access memory (RAM) demonstrators have been manufactured (single block package and multiblock module applications), together with a further demonstrator in the form of the main components for a hand held video communications system.

Functional samples of 250 Mbit memory block are available, and a 768 Mbit dynamic and random access memory (DRAM) is being processed. Yield reliability and manufacturing related issues are under further investigation. The technological developments are complemented by mechanical stress and thermal mechanical modelling.
The main features of the proposed packaging technology are:

- ultra-high densities can be achieved (eg, 4 Mbyte/cm 3 of dynamic RAM)
- standard chips can be used with no additional operations (such as bumping or rerouting connections)
- chips can be tested and burned-in prior to packaging, if required
- the technology is a low-cost one
- chips of different technologies and sizes can be stacked to implement complete systems of very high complexity.


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