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Industrial Innovation in Transition


Refined toolkit for National Level Stocktaking of Local Companies’ Innovation Practices and Corresponding Innovation Policy Measures

Updated toolkit taking account feedback from usability workshops.

Web validation survey findings

Validation report concerning the generalizability of the company interview based findings.

Briefing paper (input paper) for the European policy workshop

The briefing paper includes but not limit to the following aspects: specific role, appropriateness and coherence of national and European instruments in order to support industrial innovation.

Toolkit introductory workshops report

Overview and outcomes of workshops organised to test the usability of developed toolkit.

Toolkit introductory package

Dissemination and communication material for the further promotion of the Toolkit use in countries not already included in the current study (from Task 6.4).

National level workshops documentation

Report on dissemination and workshop activities conducted as part of Task 6.2.

Overview of eleven member states innovation policies

Review on innovation policies of the countries under study.

Policy brief

A set of recommendations on how the innovation systems in the eleven member states studied should be developed in order to bridge the gap between the current state of company innovation practices and national level goals

Report on dissemination activities

Dissemination and communication material for the further promotion of the Toolkit use in countries not already included in the current study (from Task 6.4).

Aggregate dissemination report

Aggregate report on dissemination activities detailed in D6.2-D6.5 and a report on other dissemination activities such as journal articles submitted for publication.

Innovation best practices report

Documentation on best innovation practices.

Best practices dissemination report

Report on dissemination activities conducted as part of Task 6.1.

Workshop documentation and Output paper

Report on European innovation policy workshops and related dissemination conducted as part of Task 6.3.

Conceptual framework documentation

Literature review and recommendations for interview guidelines to be used in IIT-study.

Interview guidelines and web survey content

In addition to English versions the deliverable includes translations to other languages to be used in the target countries.

Data management plan (DMP)

DMT describes technical specifications and solutions for the standards and metadata, data sharing and storage, as well as the data protection needs and ethical aspects related to data gathering. The coordinator's and partners' declarations for applied national research ethical standards and legislation are included to the deliverable.

Project website

Establishing project website to be used as one channel for project dissemination.

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