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Between the representation of the crisis and the crisis of representation. How crisis changed the symbolic background of European societies and identities. Implication for policies and policy making


TR Cultural Specific Criteria

Task report on impact of the cultural-specific criteria of policy-making: will deliver a final document reporting the result of the two tasks of validation, disaggregated for macro Regions. Moreover, conclusions will derivate from the analysis some strategic and operational recommendations to ensure sustainability and effectiveness of future interventions depending from those guidelines.

Complete Guidelines Report

The document reporting both general and context-specific guidelines together with the empirical evidence supporting them (both the empirical evidence produced in WP3 and WP4 and the one produced through the participatory processes carried out by WP5).


Open Access peer reviewed articles: Partners will work, both jointly and individually, in publishing the intermediate and final results of the project through scientific peer-reviewed articles for international journals falling into the fields and disciplines involved in the project. They will delivered after the month 12 of the project. Even if it is not possible to strictly schedule the publication of the articles, due to the fact that the time are related to publisher’s rules and timetables, it is possible to presume to deliver at least 3 scientific articles at the end of the second year and at least 7 scientific articles at the end of the entire project.

TR Dyacronic Analysis

Task report Dyacronic Analysis – 5topics

Draft Reports on Case Studies

Draft Reports on Case Studies, reporting the working progress of the WP4 analyses

Scientific articles and conference presentations

Contributions (abstracts or final articles) for the participation to scientific conferences: Abstracts and/or final contributions for the participation to scientific conferences will be freely accessible on the website of the project. Partners will take part in 8-10 International Conferences across Europe. Participation in scientific conferences will be in the second and third year of the project. Abstracts and contributions will be delivered at the end of the second year of the project (at least 3 at the end of the second year and at least 5 at the end of the project).

General Criteria Report

Document reporting General Criteria defined on the ground of the empirical evidence produced in WP3 and WP4

Policy Guidelines

The policy guidelines will be produced in participant country languages, in order to be useful for local and national policy-makers and other stakeholders. They will be available both in printed and in online version. They will be delivered at the end of the project in their final version, month 34.

Context specific guidelines Draft Report

Draft document reporting the set of guideline in reason of the (broadly speaking) socio-institutional-cultural context of implementation

Working Seminars

Working seminars: local and national working seminars, involving national experts, policy-makers, group of interests, relevant stakeholders at regional and national level. Working seminars will be realised at month 16 (end of WP3: Analysis of symbolic framework), month 21 (WP4, Case studies) month 26 (end of WP4), month 34 (Final local conference, to present and discuss project results). Working seminars reports will be delivered one month after their realisation (month 17; 22; 27; 35).

TR Syncronic Analysis

Task report (syncronic analysis)

Complete Reports on Case Studies

The document will describe the aim, the objectives, the metodologies, the procedure and the main results of the cases studies. Moreover, a final chapter will present the conclusive overall remarks that will be possible to draw from the synoptic reading of the 7 cases studies. in particular, these remarks will concern: - if policy have taken into account the characteristics of the symbolic universes and of the symbolic dynamics at stake; - if their impact may or may not have been moderate by the knowledge of the symbolic universe and dynamics.

TR Panel Validation

Task report on expert panel validation

Web Portal

Web portal main pages: Web-portal will be implemented throughout all the duration of the project and implemented by all the partners, both as a tool of internal and external communication, and as interoperable and open database. The launch of the website will occur at month 3.

Final Conference

Final international conference: The final international conference will provide the opportunity to present to an international and expert audience the results of the project. Month 37.

Project Leaflet

Project leaflets (EN+country languages): Each partner will realise project leaflets withe the same visual strategy in participant country languages. The visual strategy will be defined in the Communication and Dissemination Plan. The leaflets will be delivered in month 6

Local Conferences

Local conferences will refer to the 5 macro Regions involved, together with the distribution of policy guidelines. Months 34.

Final Publication

Final publication (White Book): The final publication will be realised in English, with detailed summaries in the languages of participant countries. The final publication will include both the scientific methodology, the analysis of EU contexts in time of crisis and the results in terms of guidelines. It will be delivered at the end of the project in their final version, month 34

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