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Game to promote energy efficiency actions


V1 solution after user pre-tests and corrections

V1 solution updated after test release with small users group.

V3 solution after user pre-tests and corrections

Development and validation of the V3 solution

V2 solution after user pre-tests and corrections

Development of the V2 solution: Improvment of the previous version following test with users

White paper made from the final report

This report is a white paper made from the confidential final report (D6.1).

Environmental awareness of the selected homes

Related to task T3.2, the document synthesises the results of the survey led during the energy audits of the selected homes, which aims to assess their environmental awareness before the use of the GreenPlay solution.

Final report about V3 after user pre-tests

Related to T5.5 task, the deliverable provides a final report about V3 after user pre-tests.

Final report about the project results and recommendations

Related to T6.3 task, this final reports gives an overview of the project results and provides recommandations.

Report on ethical issues

The deliverable will include information on: - the procedures and criteria used to identify/recruit research participants - the informed consent procedures that will be implemented (who has access to the collected energy consumption data, how collected data are anonymized, what is the scope of the use of the collected data.) - the procedures that will be implemented for data collection, storage, protection, retention and destruction (in compliance with national and EU legislation) - the informed consent procedures that will be implemented

Assessment of the solution impact on environmental issues and energy savings

Results from tasks T6.1 and T6.2 will be released in this deliverable before being integrated and filtered for D6.1. These assessments will be publicly disseminated to increase the scientific and general knowledge and advancement of the state of the art.

Final report about V2 after user pre-tests

Related to T4.4 task, the deliverable provides a final report about V2 after user pre-tests and before the corrections.

Web Portal dedicated to the project

Web Portal fully dedicated to the project.

Communication and dissemination materials, including newsletters

These communication and dissemination materials, including newsletters, are published at intermediary dates, M12 and 24, in addition to the final one, between M36 and M42.

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Building Pathways for Empowering User Toward Prosumer Behaviour. The Design for Experience with the Prosumer Empowerment Concentric Model

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Helping inhabitants in energy saving and getting inputs from usage for eco-design: Cooking case study

Author(s): Audrey Abi Akle, Iban Lizarralde
Published in: DS 87-1 Proceedings of the 21st International Conference on Engineering Design (ICED 17) Vol 1: Resource Sensitive Design, Design Research Applications and Case Studies, 2017

Energy Product Service Systems as core element of energy transition in the household sector: The Greenplay project

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DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.30854.37448

Business model innovation for energy transition in household sector

Author(s): Hamwi , Michael; Lizarralde , Iban
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DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.20788.04485

A Review of Business Models towards Service-Oriented Electricity Systems

Author(s): Michael Hamwi, Iban Lizarralde
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