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Increasing Capacities in Cities for Innovative Financing in Energy Efficiency


Summary Document of Case Studies

Summary document of each case study

Evaluation Framework Matrix

Evaluation Framework matrix

Scheme Decision Map

The Scheme Decision map will be a matrix, which will highlight conclusions and recommendations for each of the main barriers of the comparison report, mapped out across each of the areas of contexts. This will be the basis of the long-term strategies and integrated roadmaps that will be developed together with the local authorities in the framework of WP3 and WP4.

Press releases

Press package: background information about the project with quotes and 5 press releases

Long-term engagement strategy for every focus country on the web-based platform

Long-term engagement strategy for every focus country on the web-based platform.

Recommendations Matrix

Recommendations matrix regarding the results of the decision map scheme

Three Pilot Regions' Commitments of business models and investment plans

Commitments of business models and investments plans in the three pilot regions.

Promotional Package

Production of a promotional package: leaflet (translated in EN, FR, ES and BG), postcard (EN only and roll-up (EN) – format: electronic and printed.

First assortment of guidance material

The end result will be a set of guidance materials with the ‘recommendations matrix’ for the design and implementation of innovative financing schemes and operational business models for energy efficiency in buildings (first milestone).

Guidance improvement, recommendations and conclusions

Guidance improvement, recommendations and conclusions.

Report on Operationalisation dedicated team in Pilot Regions

Report on operationalization of a dedicated team in pilot regions - Milestone.

Evaluation Matrix

Evaluation matrix (State of the Art)

Summary Monitoring Questionnaire

Summary of quantitative and qualitative data of monitoring questionnaire.

Final CITYnvest Report

Final CITYnvest project report, summarising the results, findings and recommendations.

Preparatory document workshops Pilot Regions

Preparatory workshops planning (including invitation lists and dates to organize the workshop)

Preparatory reports wide-scale capacity-building

Preparatory report wide-scale capacity-building (including scheduling, structure, and expert mobilization according to most useful models).

Evaluation Document Liège Approach

Document on the evaluation of (refinement of) the Liège approach

Guidance material

Refinement of the guidance material

Comparison report

Profound comparison of the selected case study schemes (costs, benefits, barriers)

Categorization and typology financing schemes

Categorization and typology on the successful and failed financing schemes

Action plans pilot regions

Action plan for Murcia and Rhodope including their challenges and opportunities and action plan for Liège including the deployment to the 84 municipalities and the enlargement of the initiative to other buildings than only public buildings.

Dissemination and exploitation strategy

Dissemination and exploitation strategy.

Recommendations for policy makers (EU-National-Local)

Production of a booklet with recommendations for policy makers (EU-National-Local).

Results of EE and RES investigation in Rhodope region

Detailed investigation on the deployment of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency initiatives in the region of Rhodope

Summary table aggregated figures

A summary table with aggregated figures of investments employed and energy saving achieved as a result of project activities.

Graphical Charter

Graphic charter with logo, multilingual leaflet, roll-up.

Guidance materials for focus countries

Guidance materials to feed WP4 - capacity building in the Focus Countries

Project website

The project website will be on-line in the sixth month to act as a strong communication tool. The project website will be complemented on a continuing basis with a web-based platform, including the first guidance material, schedules of the capacity-building activities and first workshop experiences of the pilot regions. The web-based platform with the first assortment of the guidance material will be a milestone for CITYnvest (M9).

Guidance materials of the whole pilot regions process
Capacity building workshops in the ten focus countries

Capacity building workshops in the ten focus countries - milestone.

Document of Workshops Materials

Documents gathering all the workshop material (presence list, presentations, discussions, outcomes, videos) available on the website.

Final Dissemination Conference

Final conference to disseminate the result of the project and provide recommendations to policy makers.

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