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Self-organising Thermal Operational Resource Management


STORM controller evaluation report

Controller prototype evaluation report

Report on STORM international and local dissemination activities

The report will present the dissemination activities implemented by the consortium to maximise the STORM impact. The final version will include the proceedings of the closing event and projects seminar and workshops. All related documentation will be annexed to the report.

Report on education modules for universities of applied science in Europe

The report will describe the educational modules and activities performed by the STORM consortium

Final report on the performance of the STORM controller

A final report describing the performance of the STORM controller with respect to the calls objectives, by comparing the operation of the STORM-controller to the reference data. In this report also the lessons learnt from the testing period are described and recommendations will be made for further development of the STORM-controller.

Report on training courses for professionals (proceedings of 5 training seminars)

The report will present proceedings of 5 training seminars delivered in 5 places in Europe with objectives, participants, key results and outcomes.

Report on classification of DHC networks and control strategies

This report will contain a detailed description of the different DHC network types and their related control strategies The results will be used as an input of the replication tasks in WP6

Economic assessment of business models for DHC networks operators

This report will contain a detailed economic (cost/benefit) analysis of the innovative business models identified for DHC networks companies and consumers. In this report a connection will be made to the energy saving potential and implementation of sustainable sources for the grid coming forwards from the business models. This report will be used as an input for the quantitative and qualitative analysis of the use cases in WP5 for other districts and countries ensuring a widely replicable controller.

Controller framework compatibility report

Report describing communication protocols and system compatibility of the controller framework

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Status of the Horizon 2020 Storm Project

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