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21 templates of GPP technical terms for energy related products

Delivery date: 16th month. The tender documents templates (at least 21) will contain technical terms, technical descriptions and conditions for a green public purchase tender document.

21 successful pilot experimentations on existing GPP categories

Delivery date: 34th month. The project partners will invite public administrations to experiment the GPP by using the technical terms templates created in WP (Task 5.2). At least three pilots GPP will be experiment by public administrations in each partners region (except Germany). The results will be analyzed for further improvements and recommendations. ICLEI will support this task by providing feedback during experimentation. All pilot projects will furthermore be consulted and possibly supported during all the phases of the GPP including the: • Prioritization of the needs for the purchase of new equipment according feasibility, energy and environment criteria. • Adaptation of developed technical terms templates for the special needs of the Local Administration. • The launch of a public GPP. • The evaluation of the offers received following the public GPP. • The award of the contract to the winner offer. • Evaluation of the purchase products under a GPP.

GPP training materials in local languages

Delivery date: 8th month. The Deliverables will include training materials: detailed programme, slides, interactive activities, and trainers’ notes

1 Online database with GPP technical terms templates

Delivery date: 17th month. An online database will be created to the project’s website constituted by the templates created. The database could be also linked with the European’s Commission’s online tool with guidelines for GPP’s for selected categories.

Developed suppliers ‘on-line catalogue

Delivery date: 31st month. The voluntary on-line catalogue will contain good examples, where green suppliers could set up their profiles introducing information (contact info and a brief description of their supplies) on standardized templates.

At least 35 Memorandum of cooperation among the SC members and G.PP.S

The 35 MoU are agreemtns to ensure long-term cooperation among GPPS and stakeholders.

4 National/Regional Competent Authorities for GPP’s to adopt the 21 templates

Delivery date: 34th month. The approved templates of technical terms will be adopted by at least 4 out of 7 National or Regional Competent Authorities for GPP’s.

A Guidebook

Delivery date: 36th month. The whole process of G.PP.S establishment, trainings provided and pilot experimentation projects will be described in a Guidebook, together with the lessons learnt by each partner.

Evaluation reports on implementation (WP2)

Delivery date: 7th month. The Deliverable contains information and assessment on the WP implementation.

1 summary report on the needs

Delivery date: 7th month. Report on Public Bodies needs on GPP useful for WP4.

7 Strategy Plans (1 per new G.PP.S in Energy Agencies)

Delivery date: 9th month. The Deliverable contains 7 Strategy Plans on actions and tools on how to implement their role as Supporters on GPP.

Press release for Steering Committees kick-off meeting (all partners)

Delivery date: 10th month. Press releases at National and/or Regional, Local level on the first Steering Commitee.

Aggregated European position paper on green procurement

Delivery date: 36th month. The Deliverable contains draft policy recommendations on GPP. The paper is addressed to a wide public of beneficiaries (EU Governments and public authorities).

List of 35 new involved Energy Agencies to share the train the trainers programme (5 for each country)

Delivery date: 30th month. The Deliverable contains a list of 35 new Energy Agencies to share the train trainers programme with.

Set up of 7 G.PP.S units with a clear concept on institutionalisation of GPP training at the respective Energy Agencies

Delivery date: 12nd, 24th, 36th month. Development of a detailed concept/strategy on how to institutionalize GPP training within the organization's portofolio on month 12nd (reviewed annually).

1 Expanded list of good and bad practices

Delivery date: 6th month. The list will contain examples of bad and good practices in each partner country.

Report on 8 (2 face to face and 6 Webinar) train the trainers session on GPP carried out by ICLEI EURO for G.PP.S

Delivery date: 9th, 10th month. The Deliveralbe will contain the train the trainer session envisaged as 2 day events, at ICLEI EUR (Germany) in month 9. 1 day training provided by ICLEI in each G.PP.Ss (on month 10) and a webinar series (6 events).

1 Prepared comparative analysis of different GPP practices

Date delivery: 6th month. The Deliverable describes a comparative analysis to map the level uptake GPP, with the main strengths and opportunities.

Formal decisions (e.g. resolutions) attesting the G.PP.S establishment

Delivery date: 7th month. Each partner establishing the G.PP.S has to produce a document attesting it

8 good examples of successful pilot GPP projects to be published

Delivery date: 34th month. At least 8 good examples of successful pilot GPP projects to be published

6 Press releases and 3 articles on specialized media, for each partner

Delivery date: 36th month. Press releases on: • Policies and procedures on the GPPs in the EU countries • Trainings and webinars on GPPs, and their achievements • Creation of GPP Supporters and their role • GPP database

7 One day events

Delivery date: 30th month. Each G.PP.S will organize a one-day event to promote the GPP database and the G.PP.S. of the respective energy agency.

GPP Steering Committee list (webpage)

Delivery date: 10th month. The Deliverable is webpage contact list containing info on GPP relevant stakeholders in each country.

7 Final events

Delivery date: 36th month. At the end of the project (between Month 30 – 35), a one day event will be organized in each of the partner countries.

1 Final Conference + final event in Bulgaria

Delivery date: 36th month. At the end of the project (between Month 30 – 35), a final closing conference will by organized in Bulgaria.

6th Newsletters

Delivery date: 6th, 12th, 18th, 24th, 30th, 36th, month. Every 6 months the consortium will issue an electronic newsletter in all partner languages, containing the main activities and milestones of the project.

5 Recorded webinars

Delivery date: 14th, 20th, 26th, 32nd, 36th month. 5 webinars tools will be organized by the WP Leader and recorded. The webinar tool involve stakeholders (municipalities, procurers, companies providing services, etc.).

1th Newsletters

Delivery date: 6th, 12th, 18th, 24th, 30th, 36th, month. Every 6 months the consortium will issue an electronic newsletter in all partner languages, containing the main activities and milestones of the project.

Project website created, project logo elaborated

Delivery date: 3rd month. The Deliverables will be the website (deliverables, news, and invitations, activities within the project and will also host the database, created under WP5 and all related to GPP materials and the logo's project.

A short video animation

Delivery date: 36th month. A very short video version of the process will be created.

GPP new guidelines for missing energy related product categories

Delivery date: 17th month. The Deliverable will contain at least 3 new GPP categories that missing from EU GPP criteria and considered as key for the energy efficiency of buildings and services will be identified andcriteria will be drafted.

Developed market research on five areas in each partner country

Delivery date: 13rd month. The Deliverable will contain info on suppliers from each area in each region for selected product/services groups.

Project poster and 2 project brochures in all partner languages

Delivery date: 4th month. A common poster will be elaborated and will be translated in all partner languages. The project brochure will be elaborated at the beginning of the project,

Recorded seven (7) roundtables in each partner country

Delivery date: 10th, 14th, 18th,22nd,26th,30th,34th month. 1 Steering Commitee in each Country will be video recorded

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