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Monitoring Bracelet for Health Use

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - MONILET (Monitoring Bracelet for Health Use)

Reporting period: 2014-11-01 to 2015-04-30

The objective of the project is to further develop the plan to take to market the prototype of the wearable bracelet and cloud based IT platform for 24/7 continuous medical supervision. This is the world’s first wearable health monitoring platform for automated, continuous supervision of pulmonary, heart and sleep related diseases generating preventive alert. This exploits a patented and revolutionary wrist blood oxygen sensing technology called trans-illumination pulse oximetry. Existing systems use a fingertip monitor which is both uncomfortable to wear and has to be connected to bedside or portable machinery and is prone to disconnection and damage in an active environment e.g. on children, and during sleep.

The starting point of the MONILET study is a prototype and some successful tests, and some interest from investors.
In the study performed, we developed more focus on the market, concentrating on the medical market, and a phased plan to certify the device, certifying it initially to the existing standards for spot check measurements to allow early sales; certification for the additional features will take longer because protocols have to be developed and agreed with the certification bodies. We developed further the user requirements and concluded that priority needs to be given to the issue of 24/7 wearability and comfort and have engaged an industrial designer to assist with this.

We have also optimised the component selection and measurement location towards a more stable and smaller device with extended battery life, with a first pass of the integration, and moving from prototype towards a product. We have identified the run rate we need to produce to break even, and have identified the further studies and trials we need as part of developing the markets.
The end point is a more detailed business plan, and further investor engagement as well as a full plan for a further R&D submission for EU funding to engage with partners for full validation that will lead to regulatory approval and allow us to launch the product. The product allows a significant cost reduction and improvement in the management of patients with chronic heart, lung and sleep diseases.