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Electrochemical Oxidation in the Recirculating Aquaculture Systems Industry


ELOXIRAS is an innovative water treatment concept specially developed to improve the productivity and environmental impact of marine RAS used by the exponentially growing aquaculture industry.
Worldwide aquaculture sector is a market with an annual average growth of 10%. At European countries the aquaculture industry production is about 1.26 Mt/year. Aquaculture sector is a successful business opportunity
The economic feasibility of inland hatchery aquaculture activities requires high biomass culture densities (kg species /m3 of water). Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) are emerging as the preferred technology to provide adequate culture water quality in hatchery activities. RAS production within EU is conservatively estimated in 0.029 Mt/year with a market value of 175 M€/year and an average growing rate of 14%/year. RAS industry is mainly established in The Netherlands and Denmark with raising interest in other European countries, for example Spain.
ELOXIRAS is an innovative treatment of the culture water from marine RAS hatcheries, which is based on electrochemical oxidation technology. The novelty respect to the main competitors is related to:
- High efficiency and removal of all key pollutants, including bacteria and virus.
- Compact and modular design.
- Reduction of water and energy requirements.
- Easy to operate with adaptable capacity to required productivity.
The introduction of ELOXIRAS improves the annual benefits and/or the environmental impact of the marine RAS equipped with existing competitor solution (biofilter+ozone). Thus, the introduction of this process into the actual aquaculture industry constitutes an advantaged business opportunity.
The main objective of the present proposal (phase 1) is the determination of the ELOXIRAS technological and economic feasibility. After checking its feasibility a ELOXIRAS prototype will be developed in order to conduct several demonstration activities (phase 2)

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