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Sustainable oceans : our collective responsibility, our common interest. Building on real-life knowledge knowledge systems for developing interactive and mutual learning media


Doc-web version 1

A project doc-web presenting the importance of changing behaviour for the future of the ocean, and of the importance of well-targeted ocean literacy (building on available information, interviews and short movies from different stakeholder representatives and citizens)

Doc-Web final version

Project Doc-web updated at the end of the project building on the different tasks and activities that can be further used for disseminating the process and outcome of the ResponSEAble project

Film Competition

Films developed as part of the film competition organised under WP5

Interactive Internet Platforms

Interactive communication tools to be hosted on sturdy touch screen devices specifically designed to be used by the public in areas such as ferries and tourism offices

Practical guide

A practical guide on “elaborating and implementing sound processes for supporting the elaboration of ocean literacy material and products”

Knowledge system analysis

A report presenting the results of the ocean knowledge system analysis, highlighting in particular the results of the critical analysis of curret ocean literacy initiatives and products

Preliminary report – first version

First version of the report presenting the critical review of existing knowledge, identifying sound knowledge and knowledge gaps, building on input and feedbacks from all consortium partners and from the expert workshop

Interactive internet guidance

An interactive internet guidance for supporting the development of cost-effective ocean-focused awareness raising strategies

Synthesis of WP1 to WP3 workshop

The synthesis of the WP1 to WP3 european workshop, identifying key challenges and solutions that arise from combining the three ocean knowledge, economic sectors and ocean literacy communities and that will guide the development of activities under WP4 and WP5

Ocean perception analysis

A report presenting the final results of the analysis of perceptions and values attached by different groups to the ocean and the ocean-human relationships

WP4 report

Report presenting the results of WP4 and the recommendations developed, identifying in particular commonalities and differences between the different sea regions

Process for elaborating communication materials

A report presenting the development process that will be put in place for elaborating communication materials and products under WP5 activities

Report on existing knowledge

A report presenting the critical review of existing knowledge, identifying sound knowledge and knowledge gaps, building on input and feedbacks from all consortium partners and from the final expert workshop involving experts and representatives from the three ocean knowledge, economic organisation and ocean literacy communities

Guidelines for WP3

Guidelines presenting methods and tools for the assessment of the ocean knowledge system and the analysis of perception and values attached to the ocean by different target groups (citizens, consumers, stakeholders...)

Framework of analysis

A report presenting the framework for analysing the organisation of (segments of) the ocean economy and identifying the priority target groups which (individual or collective) change in behaviour is key to reducing pressures on the ocean and capturing ocean-related development opportunities

Short summaries of the Ocean Literacy Think Tank

Short summaries of the Ocean Literacy Think Tank working meetings & discussions (produced at M4, M10, M16, M22 and M28)

Final WP3 report

A final WP3 report presenting all results and highlighting in particular the interdependencies between marine communication and information channels, ocean narratives, and knowledge reception of relevant societal stakeholders (30 pages)

Syntheses of the second series of regional workshops

Syntheses of the second series of workshops organised for presenting the recommendations and discussing their relevance to specific (thematic/target group/regional) contexts.

Policy briefs

Policy briefs on the key messages that arise from the different WP (one policy brief every 6 months)

“issues and options” note

A note presenting issues and options for recommendations with regards to ocean literacy in regional seas, including feedbacks and input from key experts and decision makers from the ocean, economic and knowledge communities of the respective regional seas

Final WP2 report

Final report presenting all the results of WP2.

Syntheses of the first series of regional workshops

Syntheses of the first series of five regional workshops that will help reviewing collectively ocean knowledge and ocean literacy initiatives, and identifying possible ways forward for enhancing the effectiveness of ocean literacy in each sea region

Educational Packages - Schools

Educational packages complementing existing official education material, be aimed at a core audience of school children, and promoted through schools, teachers and educational materials producers

Interactive Visualisations and Maps

Animation and systems dynamics simulation developed under the project to deliver animated graphics, diagrams and maps

Educational Packages - Professional

Education material specifically aimed at professionals such as fishermen and those in the tourism industry that will be further promoted through training activities and through professional organisations within the project framework

Knowledge system

A well structured computer-based knowledge system that facilitate the access to existing knowledge on the ocean-human relationship

Social Media Presence and Campaigns

Social Media Presence and Campaigns developed under WP5

Serious and Applied Games

Serious and applied games focusing on ocean and on the oceanhuman relationship

YouTube -Youthsurfing

selfproduced surfing movies with an ocean awareness theme developed by young people following promotion and support from the project


Ocean literacy: a ‘new’ socio-ecological concept for a sustainable use of the seas

Auteurs: Uyarra María C., Ángel Borja
Publié dans: Marine Pollution Bulletin, Numéro 104/1-2, 2016, Page(s) 1-2, ISSN 0025-326X
Éditeur: Pergamon Press Ltd.
DOI: 10.1016/j.marpolbul.2016.02.060

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