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Towards a long-term Africa-EU partnership to raise sustainable food and nutrition security in Africa


Report final stakeholder meeting

Outputs of WP2, WP3, WP4, and WP5 will be presented and discussed with a group of stakeholders, including members of the Policy Support group. Critical refelction, comments and suggestions formulated during this workshop will be used to finalise the project document for EU-AU partnership.

Options for good governance of future partnership programme

Proposed guidelines for efficient and effective governing structures (considering various alternatives, with their pros and cons) that will serve the proposed long-term research and innovation partnership

Assessment framework developed, including a list of criteria and indicators

Such a framework is required for the case studies, in which impacts and divers of different sustainable intensification pathways at plot, farm, communities, and public policies scales will be analysed and documented.

Expected advantages of joint programming

Program review report to document likely impact of research for development and in relation to the advantages of joint programming on quality and impact of research for development under a future IntensAfrica partnership

Literature review of results obtained from intensification pathways

The knowledge base and knowledge gaps on intensification pathways and sustainable intensification will be analised, both from an academic and a practical viewpoint. Sources to be used include those of the scientific domain (academic literature and related databases) and the development domains (often documented in difficult-to-access grey literature or through interviews with key informants).

Funding mechanism analysed

The main questions to be addressed are what works and what does not work in large-scale programmes that are financed by highly diverse funding sources, how can pooled resources best be allocated to the different partners, what rules must be taken into account and what are the best procedures to blend funding from many different sources and nations.

Partnership proposal, including strategic agenda

This deliverable is the final output of the CSA project, describing the future Africa - Europe partnership.

Ex-ante impact analysis of proposed research on all beneficiaries

Ex-ante impact analysis of proposed research program on all beneficiaries, including research, private sector (EU and Africa), development agencies and NGO’s and rural communities.

Guidelines for efficient resource allocation for future partnership programme

Through critical review of the lessons learned from Task 4.1, WP 4 will provide guidelines that address questions of resource allocation specific to the proposed future partnership within the field of Agricultural Research and Innovation. Further, WP4 will work to make the principles of resources allocation relevant to and conducive for attaining the intensification pathways that are proposed by the Research and Innovation Agenda.

Materials produced for information campaigns to target groups

Printed and visual presentation material based on outputs by other WPs will be produced for information campaigns and workshop events. Material will be updated as necessary during progress of the project taking account of emerging results and feedback from stakeholders, and will be designed to address specific target groups. Outputs produced during the project lifespan, starting in month 3.

Research and innovation agenda for sustainable intensification

Based on the literature review, the case studies and comparative analysis, in combination with the outputs of WP3 on the niches of future research (ongoing research and funding of ongoing research) the scientific content of the future research agenda, and approaches to be applied, will be formulated.

Communication strategy and plan

WP6 will define a communication strategy and plan for creating an appropriate image and profile for PROIntensAfrica, and for putting in place the tools and actions required to make sure that members of the partnership and specific stakeholder groups are kept up-to-date on the progress of the PROIntensAfrica and have ample opportunity to provide input and comments into its activities and outputs.

Case study reports, including a synthetic cross-analysis report

The case study reports and the comparative analysis of the results of the different case studies will add new and real time knowledge on knowledge gaps and research challenges on sustainable intensification to the knowledge collected from existing literature and expert knowledge.

Aframework and guidelines for impact analysis

A framework and guidelines for impact analysis and evaluation for large-scale research for development programs.

Governance structures for large scale partnerships analysed

Within this task, the WP team will collect information from EU and AU rules and regulations about governance aspects of joint programming activities (e.g. Article 185 and other modalities like ERAfrica programmes) and define the degrees of freedom of each instrument.

List of meetings for possible PROIntensAfrica attendance

Compilation and updating the list of relevant high policy-level meetings at which the project might seek to establish a presence, prioritise these in consultation with WP1, propose whom would be best positioned to attend, and define any specific material needed.

Investment and knowledge gaps per pathway

A report on the investment in the different pathways, potential imbalances and lock-in and identification of gaps of knowledge per sustainable intensification pathway

Report Kick off meeting

Consortium agreement signed, start of activities agreed upon. Ideas for alignment policy makers developed.

Project web site developed and running

The web site will be build in the first months of the project, it will be filled, regularly updated and used for internal and external communication, from moth 3 to 24.

Social media set-up

A presence and identity for IntenseAfrica will be created within the social media and this will be used to gather input on topics and issues arising, to disseminate results and to announce up-and- coming events (months 3 - 24).

A web-based interface built

The output is the physical software structure to store all information on ongoing research projects and funding, which will allow for required analysis.

A database of existing agricultural projects on sustainable intensification

From different national and international sources, information on ongoing research, themes, apporaches, etc. will be collected and stored in in the physical interface developed.

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