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CommBeBiz - Communicating and Bridging BioEconomy Research to Business


Three Innovation catalogues published

The Innovation Catalogues will be produced annually (12-20 projects per catalogue), covering bundled case studies from the five Be Biz segments. They will feature the best case studies of the projects, which also will participate in the Testing webinars. The Catalogues are jointly written together with the projects and they are edited through PRACSIS, laid-out and graphically designed with PRACSIS. An online version and a print version will be provided. For a more dedicated use in the segments and for the projects to have ready PR material, the case stories in the catalogue will be unbundled and published in the Virtual Library and in pdf ‘case by case’. (PRA, Transfer). 3PM (PRA)

Contact List 100 Bioeconomy Industries created

Identify 100 top industry targets (20 per segment) to receive the Innovation Catalogues and a letter from the chair, for further cooperation with the network (Pracsis/EBN/Teagasc/ MIN ) (Transfer), Start: M1, End: M 36 2PM (PRA)

CommBeBiz website created and refreshed regularly

The project’s web portal to be designed, populated and launched, together with appropriate project branding, led by Minerva and to include agreed functionality including links to appropriate external programmes and channels to fulfil needs of and engagement with partners, members and stakeholders. The website will be refreshed formally on a quarterly basis and updated with timely and urgent content as required. All partners will provide content personally and via the networks they represent. Content will be visual and interactive where possible, providing the basis for wider dissemination activities such as media releases and use of social media. MIN 8 PM, PRA 0.2PM, EN 0.2PM, TEA 0.2PM

Projects briefs available online

For less ‘ready’ projects content will be generated by working in partnership with projects. Typical formats include a Project Brief, (one page project description in reader-friendly style) Materials are prepared according to target audience: Industry and/or Policy oriented/ Social Innovation oriented, and are illustrated. (BeBizBriefs). (PRA, TEA; Transfer) 2PM (PRA)

Estaablishment of BeBiz Marketplace

CommBeBiz’s Mix & Match objective will be achieved by the creation of a Virtual Marketplace (BeBizMarket) that will bring research projects into online connection with SMEs, entrepreneurs & developers, social innovators and interested other parties, ‘bridged’ (moderated) by knowledge transfer and innovation experts and consortium partners. This marketplace will be established in close cooperation with other innovation brokerage networks such as EIP agri and the Blue Growth Network, as well as with contacts to ICT-Agri networks and similar. The BeBiz marketplace will be an open forum and could serve various purposes depending on the individual goals of researchers and SMEs, including: • Partner search for joint research, development and commercialization activities • SME search for research partners for knowledge input to product development • Researchers search SMEs for further common funding actions • Identification of training on early stage investment/early stage investment opportunities through business angels All searches and offers on the marketplace will be shown on a daily curve on the project website. The marketplace will be moderated to ensure effective matchmaking between offer and demand. The marketplace, the website and databases will be enriched with content and contacts generated and provided by all partners and their specialist networks – for example information, tips on how to succeed in accessing the SME instrument, success stories from successful researchers who have commercialised their project results etc. To create a high level of traffic on the marketplace, a widespread promotional campaign will be launched targeting in particular research institutions and SMEs. This campaign will piggyback on the promotional campaigns for the annual BeBizGo idea competition and also the annual BeBiz Network partnering and networking event to be held at the EBN Congress. EBN 4PM, TEA 2PM, PRA 1PM, MIN 0.2PM

BeBizBlueprint document

‘Evidence’ based on the data gathering tool, supported by case studies and qualitative data on an annual basis and at the end of the project on the effectiveness of the project strategy overall and its individual parts – what was effective or ineffective, in part or as a whole and with which target audience in which circumstances – to be collated into a usable tool for all involved in innovation, knowledge transfer and business development across all member states and regions taking into account the different levels of experience in commercialising publicly funded research. The Blueprint will contain an Executive Summary, tailored messages for all stakeholders on key learning/information points (research projects, SMEs, innovation & knowledge transfer facilitators and experts, policy and development managers), descriptions and outcomes for all activities, plus contributions from the 45 BeBizGo Award winners on attitudes and direct impact on them and the project/idea post the awards. The HLAB will also contribute to and critique the draft, and the Media Advisory Panel asked to contribute. Endorsement before publication will be sought from high profile organisations such as the German Bioeconomy Panel, the UK’s Trade & Industry/Business Skills team, EC directorates and partner EBN and Teagasc’s own networks and sources representative of the spectrum of experience of the Bioeconomy and commercialisation of publicly funded research overall. The Blueprint will be available as a download with hard copies produced for specific purposes and audiences. MIN 6 PM; PRA 1PM; EBN 1PM; TEA 1PM

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