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Pandemic Risk and Emergency Management


Organisation of final conference

At the end of the project a large-scale final conference will be organised for all contributors, project’s members, target groups of end-users, scientists, media and other interested parties to present the findings and recommendations of the project to a wider audience. An overview of the key results will be given, together with lessons learned. A panel discussion will be held on what recommendations can be made for the future. The event will be public. The final public report will be distributed through the conference’s proceedings, through dedicated social networks means and uploaded on the project web platform.

Development of dissemination plan and repository system

A dissemination strategy plan will be proposed at the kick-off of the project, and this plan will be updated by month 1, together with the dissemination strategy for the research, activities and results of the PANDEM project. This plan will identify and segment the different target audiences of the project. Furthermore, the plan will identify the various communication channels (websites, brochures, working papers, etc.) that the project will employ. It will also highlight relevant conferences, symposia, networks and communities related to the project scope. As dissemination will be an on-going activity, the dissemination plan will be updated periodically. The consortium partners will assist NUIG in the drafting of the dissemination plan, by identifying the various dissemination channels that will be employed, and by highlighting relevant conferences, workshops, seminars, networks and communities. At the end of the project a “dissemination report” will be prepared to document the dissemination of the generated knowledge.

Dissemination Activities

Promotional and Communication Materials: In order to reach the potential users and operators, a number of channels will be created and used. The consortium will disseminate the results of the project through traditional channels of technical papers in scientific Journals (as several academic and research institutions are involved) and presentation of the results at conferences, workshops and seminars, as well as through their website and industrial networks. Promotional and communication materials (brochures, flyers, press releases etc.) will be developed and distributed over the course of the project. Attendance at events: NUIG will attend events to identify relevant dissemination platforms wherein the outputs of the project can be promoted, shared and discussed. Partners will leverage their respective networks to identify relevant projects and communities of interest. This networking effort will serve as a “force multiplier”, generating greater interest and attention in the project and its outputs.


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