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Tackle Insecurity in Marginalized Areas


Survey data analysis and conclusions

Through Structural Equation Model (SEM) a set of validated indicators will be defined in order to assess the impact of insecurity among different demographic groups.

Agenda of best practices

An agenda of best practices aiming at enhancing the socio-political impact of CVSs.

Translation of module 1 questionnaire into five languages

The original English version of Module 1 will be translated into the other languages of the consortium (Catalan, Spanish, French and Hungarian) and used as part of the national CVSs formerly developed and applied in each country.

Desk-based review

A report on scientific literature and empirical research on the relationship between insecurity and the cultural dimension.

Neighbourhoods sample selection

Taxonomy of neighbourhoods according to the degree of insecurity.

Factors assessing insecurity

This report includes evidence-based guidelines for the implementation of the following research activities.

Ethics Manual

A set of recommendations addressing the ethics implications of the project.

Evaluation of dissemination and exploitation activities

A report including an impact assessment of the dissemination and exploitation activities in terms of reports on publications, participations in conferences, contact established with end-users, etc.

Final report containing the results of the fieldwork

Final report containing the results of the fieldwork.

Conceptual report

A report summarizing the indicators defining demographic, socio-economic and socio-geographic determinants of insecurity.

State-of-the-art review

A report including relevant information that will inform the following activities and a review of policies aimed at reducing insecurity.

Final event minutes

Report on the activities of the two-day final conference held in Budapest involving around 100 participants.

STCG guidelines

A set of quality assurance procedures outlining methodological approaches.

Survey design for the pilot

A set of items to be included in the MARGIN survey.

Cartography of objective and subjective measures of insecurity

A digital map showing the results of the comparison between CVSs data and police recorded crime.

Sociological Map of Insecurity (SOMI) (final version)

Final version of the digital cartography consisting of quantitative and qualitative data collected and analysed throughout the project life of the project.

Sociological Map of Insecurity (SOMI) (version 1.0)

Preliminar version of the digital cartography of quantitative and qualitative data.

MARGIN database for “smart aggregation”

Available to stakeholders through the project website, this database will store the information collected and allow a comparative analysis between official police statistics on crime and victimization data.

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