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Heavy Duty Gas Engines integrated into Vehicles



Newsletters will be created as HTML e-mail newsletters with links to the HD-GAS website for more detailed information. At least 3 will be created (M10, M22, M36), most likely the frequency will be higher. At the end a short report will be created with the a copy of all newsletters

Exploitation Plan, (initial version)

This document will report on the draft Exploitation Plan. The plan will include the following elements: - Main objectives and Responsibilities - Target groups and Key actors - Levels of exploitation and Exploitable components - Communication channels and tools The initial version will be a living document and continuously updated. Further, the exploitation strategy will be subject at each general assembly.

Assessment results of independent testing

Report of the results from the independent testing. This report will point out if the results are in line and fulfilling the targets from the EC in terms of CO2 savings.

Standards for mechanical fueling interface and fueling process

• Proposal for standard for a mechanical fueling interface for LNG heavy duty vehicles • Proposal for a standard process for refueling heavy duty vehicles with LNG

Project website, including Project templates

The website will be designed, and a graphical project identity will be composed of visual elements that aim to represent the project. The graphical identity will include logo, fonts, colours and templates for presentations and text documents. effort for the members of the consortium. Templates includes reports, presentations, logo), database for Dissemination (stakeholders, interest groups, contact details A short report will describe the website content and the templates.

Fueling process simulation models finalized and validated

- Physical model for simulation process documentation - Validation by comparison with real system test data

Dissemination plan (initial version)

A dissemination and communication plan will be prepared in order to maximise the potential impact of the project. The plan structure will be such that the activities relevant for a particular target group are clearly identifiable. The plan will follow the EU Commission Guidelines for Communicating EU Research. A first draft available in M9.

Exploitation Plan, (final version)

The draft Exploitation Plan will be updated according to the market developments and identification of potential users of the results.


Flyer with general project information for dissemination in first phase of the project to be released. A short report will describe the Flyer and describe the targte audiance and use of the flyer.

Dissemination plan, (final version)

The Dissemination Plan will be prepared in order to maximise the potential impact of the project results. In there specific target groups and related specific dissemination activities will be presented.

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Experimental investigation of the deactivation of a NH3-SCR Cu-SAPO catalyst

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Der Spezialist für erdgasbetriebene Motoren Westport Innovations und der Entwicklungsdienstleister AVL List kooperieren, um die nächste Generation von HPDI-Einspritz-technologie auf den Markt zu bringen. AVL-Vice-President Lukas Walter über die Hintergründe der Zusammenarbeit.

Author(s): AVL
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The Catalytic Challenges of Implementing Euro VI Heavy Duty Emissions Control System for a Dedicated Lean Operating Natural Gas Engine

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The effect of CH4 on NH3-SCR over metal-promoted zeolites and V-based catalysts for lean-burn NG vehicles

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Commercial Natural Gas Vehicles: Tomorrow’s Engine Technologies for most stringent NOx and CO2 Targets

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A Simulation Approach to Meeting Euro VI Emissions Legislation with a Natural Gas Lean Burn Heavy Duty Engine

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A High Efficiency Lean Burn Mono Fuel Heavy Duty Natural Gas Engine For Achieving Euro VI Emissions Legislation & Beyond

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Natural Gas as Fuel for Monovalent and Dual Fuel Combustion Engines – an Experimental and Numerical Study

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The effect of CH4 on NH3-SCR over metal-promoted zeolites and V-based catalysts for lean-burn NG vehicles

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Experimental study of a Selective Catalytic Reduction catalyst and of an Ammonia Slip Catalyst for Liquefied Natural Gas-fuelled Heavy-Duty vehicle

Author(s): Marco Colonna, Luca Fogli, Roberta Villamaina, Isabella Nova, Enrico Tronconi
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EGVI cPPP Project Portfolio Calls 2014 - 2017

Author(s): EGVI members
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EUCAR Project Book 2018

Author(s): "EUCAR members: Daimler, IVECO, MAN Truck and Bus (Volkswagen Group), Volvo Group."" "
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H2020 Transport Green Vehicles - State-of-the-Art and beyond

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