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Easily diStributed Personal RapId Transit


Dummy ESPRIT vehicle for exhibitions

Describes the full scale vehicle, its main characteristics and requirements to be considered by partners and organisers for its use in conferences, trade fairs and exhibitions.

Recommendations for new homologation conditions

Contains different options of authorising the pan-European operations of the ESPRIT concept. Also a roadmap to cover gaps in existing regulations with proposals for new homologation conditions.

Body including driver cabin design report

Description of the innovative lightweight body including the coupling device hoods and actuation systems, driver and passenger spaces, seats and dashboard and vertically opening doors.

Partially representative ESPRIT chassis delivery

Technical description of the five partially representative chassis that will be used to validate the road holding and lateral oscillations to enable preliminary static and kinematic validation at TRL5 level.

Public website

Public website which will be used as a communication tool. Project information will be made available for download including public deliverables, flyers, posters, etc. Announcements and information on events will also be provided. It will be updated regularly and will contain all public deliverables for downloading over the internet.

Fully representative ESPRIT vehicles delivery

Will present the ESPRIT vehicle and main characteristics.

Public demonstration events

Will describe the preparation, objectives and agenda of each of the public demonstration events that are planned. Will provide an account of how the event was perceived by the consortium as well as the public and will provide recommendations for future events.

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