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Cooperative ITS for Mobility in European Cities


Call topic MG3.5-2014 notes that the deployment of C-ITS has not kept pace with the technological development, implying that deployment is being restrained by non-technical factors. CIMEC, as a proposed CSA for this topic, aims to support the accelerated take-up of C-ITS by increasing the alignment of technological solutions with user needs, thereby removing perceived barriers and risks in deployment.
European highways authorities are relatively well educated, prepared and supported regarding C-ITS, including through a series of EC- and national funded R&D projects. However the greatest benefits are expected through the more complex and fragmented city context, which up to now is much less understood. CIMEC focuses especially on this urban C-ITS context.
CIMEC brings together key collaborative institutions, supported by a panel of core cities and by the European city network Polis. This meta-network has extensive experience in bringing together cities and suppliers to optimise ITS, and has specific expertise in a range of C-ITS at national and European level.
The objectives of CIMEC are to
•capture and document a set of realistic use cases for C-ITS in cities, supported by robust business cases
•identify practical project structures which enable the deployment of these use cases
•identify how emerging standards for C-ITS will affect, and should respond to, urban systems and processes
•show possible system architecture and workflow of C-ITS support systems
•promote multi-sector stakeholder dialogue, engagement and collaboration
The principal output will be a roadmap for city deployment of C-ITS which has been validated against user needs and technology maturity, captured in meaningful project descriptions. By developing a single, coherent narrative and communicating it effectively to all relevant stakeholder groups, this will ensure that standards, product development, project management, and policy goals are fully aligned across the European urban C-ITS context.

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