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Authentication and Authorisation for Research and Collaboration (AARC)


DNA2.2 Training material on main technical and policy concepts of federated access

The output of this deliverable will consist on a set of training material available on the AARC website. The material will cover the key technical and policy concepts of federated access.

DNA2.3 Training material targeted to Resource and Service Providers

The output of this deliverable will consist in a training package tailored for different service providers. The goal is to explain to them how to implement federated access to their services, whilst preserving user privacy.

DNA2.4 Training material targeted to Identity providers

The output of this deliverable will result in material to promote and to deploy the ready to use solutions developed within AARC to facilitate the creation of identity providers at institution level.

DNA3.5 Recommendations and template policies for the processing of personal data by participants in the pan-European AAI

The deliverable will contain recommendations for processing personal data in a federated context. The document will take into account existing frameworks (i.e. the GEANT code of conduct), the different requirements of the identified user communities, as well as the legal frameworks.

DNA2.1 Report on the identified target groups for training and their requirements

This document will report on the the community-requirements identified by AARC. It will also prioritise these requirements in relation to the size of the communities the requirements come from and on the overall AARC goals and resources.

DJRA1.1 Analysis of user- community requirements

This deliverable will describe the authentication and authorisation technologies used by the different e-Infrastructures, research communities, libraries and educational service providers and identify the existing gaps that prevent their interoperability. It will also list priorities for the research work to be undertaken based on the use-cases and on the interoperation experiments between R&E federations (including eduGAIN) and eGOV in the different European countries.

DNA3.4 Recommendations on the grouping of entities and their deployment mechanisms in scalable policy negotiation

This deliverable will contain recommendations on how to organise and structure the exchange of policy information between identity providers, attribute providers and consumers of these combined assertions. It provides recommendations on trust grouping and deployable mechanisms to inject the grouping in the existing frameworks.

DNA3.3 Recommendations for research and e-infrastructures to build sustainabile services

The deliverable will report on the recommendations for possible operating models meeting the requirements for a sustainable cross-domain collaboration. Part of the recommendations will focus on how to evolve federation policies to support token translation services, guest identity providers and attribute authorities.

DNA1.1 Annual report

Overview of the first year of AARC, including highlights of dissemination, training and technical developments and achievements.

DNA1.3 Summary of main dissemination activities, main achievements of AARC for and Exploitation Report

This report will include a summary of the main dissemination activities; it will also cover the explitation aspect of AARC.

DNA1.2 Annual Report

Summary of the AARC results, including dissemination events and list of achievements. This document will also include recommendations for the deployment of the pilots and for any future work.

DSA1.2 First report on the Pilots deployed by SA1

The deliver will report on the progresses of the pilots and how the project intends to proceed with them. This will also be an opportunity to reflect any community feedback on the pilots.

DNA3.2 Generic security incident response procedure for federations

This deliverable will report on the review of existing documented practices and propose recommendations for security incident response, in the form of a generic security incident response procedure for federations.

DNA3.1 Differentiated LoA recommendations for policy and practices of identity and attribute providers

The output of this deliverable will consiste in a document to report on a limited set of differentiated assurance level recommendations. These recommendations will reflect the options for distribution of responsibilities amongst the three identified participant roles: researchers and research communities, resource and e-infrastructure providers, and identity federations and their constituent IdPs

DJRA1.2 Blueprint architectures

This deliverable will produce a blueprint architecture for a pan-European integrated AAI for web and non-web access and propose sustainability models for some of the systems listed in the blueprint

DSA1.1 Pilots to support guest users solutions

The output of this deliverable will be a pilot to demonstrate different solutions that can be used to support users that do not have federated credentials and to enable IdPs at institution level by using commercially available or NRENs-developed solutions. The pilot will also show how to support scalable LoA for guest users.

DSA1.4 Pilot to improve access to R&E relevant resources

This pilot will focus on testing technologies (including federated non-web authentication) and models (i.e. licences) to improve the service delivery via the federated framework.

DSA1.3 Final pilot on attribute provider framework

This deliverable, in the form of a pilot, will demonstrate how the federated framework can be expanded to include attribute providers to deliver additional project-specific attributes.

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