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Course report from the radar workshop

Main conclusions from the radar workshop.

Implementation status of communication measures

Once the communication plan is created (D6.2), this report will describe the implementation status of this plan.

1st Report from the COOP+OPENBOARD meetings

We will write a report as minutes for all the meetings carried out

Plan on communication measures

This report will describe the plan on communication measures.

Workshop report

UniHB will compile a report on GCI implementation workshop with focus on best practices for data and services registration and demonstration of data interoperability. It will be related to the activities in task 5.3.

Course report on multidisciplinary use of RI data

Report on multidisciplinary use of RI data.

Report from the first Global COOP+ meeting

We will write a report describing the results of the first COOP+ Global meeting.

Second version of Dissemination and Exploitation Plan. Dissemination and Exploitation Report

This report will contain: a) The second version of the dissemination and exploitation plan b) the most relevant tasks regarding dissemination carried out during the project execution.

Roadmap for implementation of global data and services platforms by environmental RIs

It will summarize the outcome of WP5 and advice RIs on the best procedures to obtain better implementation of global data and services platforms, and advice data and data services distribution platforms on need of environmental RIs with special emphasis on the fields of Arctic research, marine science and biodiversity. This report shall summarize the activities in task 5.1, 5.2, and 5.3.

White paper report summarizing the extension of cooperation with new RIs

This report will show the opportunities of cooperation with new RIs.

Report on the Kick-off meeting

This report will show a summary of the activities carried out during the kick-off meeting.

Report on the setup and activity of the COOP+ Advisory board

Report describing the activity of the COOP+ advisory board

Report on final dissemination workshop

This report will contain outcomes created by the last dissemination workshop organised by COOP+ team.

Report on the landscape

Current status report: UniHB will compile a report describing the current landscape in regard to global data and services distribution platforms This report will summarize the findings of task 5.1

Guidelines of opportunities

"This report will contain the ""guidelines of opportunities"" document. We will include here all the information collected during the project performance. Several internal versions will be developed."

Report for the second Global COOP+ meeting.

This report will contain the results of the second COOP+ global meeting.

First version of Dissemination and Exploitation Plan

This report will describe the first approach to the Dissemination and Exploitation Plan

Summary report on open knowledge transfer sessions

Report showing the most relevant information created in knowledge transfer sessions.

2nd Report from the COOP+OPENBOARD meetings

We will create a report showing the minutes of the three final OPENBOARD meetings (months 18, 24, 30)

Short report from the RI managers' workshop

This report will describe the conclusions obtained after the RI managers' workshop.

Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda

COOP+ will produce a Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (COOP+SRIA) that will be the basis for the global cooperation and collaboration of the Research Infrastructures involved. It will be the outcome of a consensus among the different stakeholders, and it will express the ambition and long-term vision of the RIs participating in the COOP+OPENBOARD.

Report on recommendations for improving global platform usage

It will include a prioritized list describing the pending impediments and future challenges. The obtained recommendations will be included in the special issue to be published describing how RIs can address global environmental challenges. The idea is to reinforce the role of global platforms as tools to promote data integration and synthesis. Describes the outcome of work task 5.2

Implementation of surveys and initial analysis regarding Global challenges

Implementation of surveys and initial analysis regarding global challenges.

Report describing the different global challenges identified

Once we gather a set of potential useful global challenges, we will describe them in the mentioned report. This report will also include a plan to implement some of the selected global challenges, as well as the description of the conceptual framework used for addressing the global challenges.

Database containing all the information collected regarding global challenges

All the collected information will be stored in a relational database in order to make possible later analysis.

Submission of a special issue describing the selected global challenges in a Earth science indexed journal

The proposed special issue will contain several (10-14) articles describing how international RIs can address environmental global challenges. This special issue will put the international cooperation of RIs in the scientific arena. All the manuscripts will be open access.