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User stories (use cases)

User stories (use cases) for main stakeholder groups

Initial Data Set Analysis Report

ESF will perform a review and cleansing of existing MERIL data for import into the redesigned database/portal. This will comprise a review of RI entries by country, completion rates by country and identification of data gaps and completion requirements.

MERIL interoperability guidelines

The MERIL interoperability guidelines, definition and implementation will be developed in consultation with the ESF and will include specification of data formats, interfaces and export mechanisms for individual RIs to automatically publish their information in a standard way that can be interpreted by MERIL.

Survey analysis and report on existing policies, data, etc.

Survey analysis and report on existing policies, data and information sources on research infrastructures in Europe.

New data model

New data model incorporating blueprint of data needs/proxies, indicators and user needs.

Support documentation

Support documentation describing maintenance, hosting and services provided

Mid-term report on CERIF compliance and data sources

Mid-term report on CERIF compliance and data sources including relevant databases/inventories in Europe of interest to MERIL

Report on ESFRI consultation

Report from event with ESFRI to seek input on policy data needs and requirements

Data prioritization report

Data prioritization report detailing recommendations from EU Commission consultation, Advisory Committee Workshop including recommendations on how to collect financial data.

Final Report with analysis of the full MERIL-2 Database

ESF will lead the examination of all relevant sources for MERIL compliant RIs (with a particular focus on gaps in humanities and social sciences) in order to identify additional RIs for validation by the NDI and MERIL Advisory Committee and inclusion in portal.

MERIL-2 Terms of Reference

MERIL-2 Terms of Reference agreed with the MAC

Mid-term review of communication strategy and its effectiveness

- Review the communication processes and outputs of communication plan. - Assess the effectiveness and coverage of the plan to date. - Make recommendations on any necessary improvements and changes

Report on commonalities across NCP and NDI networks

Report on commonalities across NCP and NDI networks and recommendations on leverage and good practices on data compliance and exchange of information (EKT-NHRF and APRE)

Report with conclusions from focus groups/virtual interviews

The focus groups/virtual interviews will complement the survey. The purpose will be to establish and share good practice on open data access and to facilitate better information exchange. The report will summarise conclusions.

Report on RI data targets achieved

A report on RI data targets achieved, portal definitional weaknesses, improvements needed in terms RI data coverage including analysis of response rates and compliance levels with different data points.

Report on Results of pilot study

ESF will lead a pilot study for collection of prioritised policy data points including financial and staffing information. It will be conducted on specified categories of RIs and for a small number of countries and data will be asked for on a voluntary basis either via a survey and/or via the MERIL Portal. The results will be summarised.

Final Report on Media Campaign

including number of articles and press releases published, reach to social media communities

Production by Proof Communications of Dissemination and Media Campaign Plan

The ESF internal communications team will task Proof Communications (ESF’s benchmark provider) to produce a high impact media and outreach plan designed to publicise MERIL-2 with all the main stakeholder groups through the most effective channels including print, visual and electronic media. ESF will provide ongoing input and guidance on target audiences and implementation

New MERIL portal, version 1

Includes porting of the current functionality to the new software platform

Dissemination Outcomes Report

Dissemination Outcomes Report on MERIL detailing number of public presentations, policy briefings, copies of publicity material and copies of public acknowledgements, linkages with other networks

New MERIL portal, version 2

Including new features and services

Data visualisation

The visualisation module for the Portal will comprise the following: - Definition of meaningful visualisations and required input data from the MERIL database - Implementation of visualisations and incorporation into the MERIL portal.

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