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Design Study for the European Underground Research Infra-structure related to Advanced Adiabatic Compressed Air Energy Storage


Feasibility study and final conceptual design report

Within this Deliverable all key questions related to technical, system engineering, operational, legal, organisational and financial feasibility point of view shall be addressed and answered. In addition, this Deliverable proofs the maturity of the concept and presents the major choices for design alternatives and the associated ranges of costs whereas the relevance of current and future challenges will be exemplified. Finally, the underlying necessary technical work/infrastructure forming the base for the new world leading research infrastructure is being described

Guideline for risk evaluation

A set of guideline for the risk evaluation related to the material selection/definition will be provided.

Final report on environmental and society related issues

This public report reflects the main LCA results and society related issues.

Report on material qualification including guidelines for material selection/development

The different selected candidate materials will be tested and the comparative results summarized. A resume of the parameters/criteria required for the selection/definition of material usable for the different subsystem will be reported as a set of guideline

Report on the results of the numerical simulations

The Numerical Model developed by MUL which meets the design requirements provided by WP2 and considers thermo dynamical processes within WP3 can be seen as the foundation of the RICAS2020 research infrastructure.

Strategy and Development Plan

This Deliverable will include the governance and organisational structure as well as the decision-making competences in relation to the planning, construction and operation of the RICAS2020 research facility. As further task, all strategy and development relevant questions will be addressed in this Deliverable. The plan will show the future plans and recommendations for the implementation and operation phase of the research infrastructure.

Final Dissemination and Exploitation Plan

This document provides the up-dated plan for all dissemination and exploitation activities within and after the project and will be oriented towards the needs of the different target groups.

Standards review and technology transfer

A standards review will identify the standards, norms and regulations applicable to the underground components of an AA-CAES facility. Identified gaps in legislation resulting from the particular risks of AA-CAES technology may need to be closed. A report on technology transfer shall collect the available safety and security experience on high-pressure gas storage (high-pressure gas storage, handling of high-pressure steam, traditional CAES plants, etc.) and its applicability to the intended area of AA-CAES.

Project Flyer and Project Video

As dissemination material a project flyer and a project video will be produced.

Project Website

A public project webpage will be set-up. For more details please have a look on the task description.

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