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Supercomputing Expertise for SmAll and Medium Enterprise Network


SME Demand and Need

o A report (M24) to include the results of the survey conducted in Task 5.1. o Creation of a database of SMEs and their associated HPC needs to serve as the basis for the specific actions in T5.3. The deliverable will be updated in M24.

Review skills gaps and training needs of SMEs

o Report on training requirements o A public report describing the work of the activities along with results and outcome from Task 6.1.

HPC Centres Supply and Business Models

Report on HPC centres and their business models and the services provided and an analysis of their suitability for SMEs. The will be updated if appropriate in M24

Collection and documentation of Best Practice in HPC industrial use

Best Practice guidelines for HPC in industry and in particular to SMEs (M12). Final report on best practice collection, documentation and dissemination (M24). This report will provide the final results of the WP documenting a high level best practice guideline, as well as the uptake and usage of the material (D3.2) and the on-line technical forum (D3.3) created in the duration of the project.

Methods, tools and techniques for working with SMEs

Report on the experiences made during local workshop and training events. Materials used during these workshops will be included. These will be updated as appropriate in M24

Roadmap for improving SME uptake of HPC

Roadmap for increasing HPC usage among SMEs. It is partly based on the action list prepared by WP5 (D5.3). Furthermore, experiences made during workshops are utilized to refine the roadmap’s planned activities. The roadmap is mainly focused on support activities that shall help to increase SME’s uptake of HPC. This will also address Innovation Management Practices, and ways in which these can be more widely applied.

Network Governance, Membership and Structure

Development and dissemination of quarterly reports, Creation of the constitution and governance Creation of a MoU for members.

Network Start-up and Operations

Development of a Capability Map, the running of the launch event and workshops and the set-up of a CRM system Action plan for addressing gaps in coverage (ie where member states are not represented in the consortium)

Networking logistics and clustering

• Establish an integrated HPC SME User Community Cluster

Training content development

o Report on content production o Training content o A public deliverable describing the work of the activities along with results and outcome from Task 6.2

Communication & collaboration tool

An internal web-based portal will store project deliverables, reports and working documents, featuring: web based group-share system with full document management facilities, version control, editing and flexible role based access rights.

Dissemination materials

reports on the repository of dissemination materials as gathered and prepared by WP 3 (best practices media content), WP 6 (training materials) as well as WP4’s own internal deliverables such as the handbook for “Getting started” (D4.2). These will be updated and presented in M21

SME Self-Assessment Tool

Provide both an innovative tool and technique that will be marketed as a SESAME Net product and service, that will contribute to the sustainability, and provide a potential income generating product. Activities: Technical development, Verification of HPC4SME model, Engage 100 pilot SMEs to go through the assessment process.

Outreach, Communications and Marketing

Brand, Website, Social media presence, Collaborative case studies Press releases and newsletters

Creation of media content

Report based on the media content.

On-line technical forum

Establishment of an on-line technical forum and a report based on this to feed in to the efficient dissemination of best practice.

Handbook for getting started

Handbook for SMEs covering the topic of “Getting Started” with HPC. It is based on input by WP3 (best practices, online forum content), WP5 (Database4 of SME needs) and WP6 (training material). The handbook can be used during awareness raising events and can be handed out during workshops. It features exemplary use cases of HPC usage for selected SME scenarios and describes best practice deployments

HPC Supply - SME matching measures

Report that includes the analysis of D5.1 and D5.2 in M12. This will provide the list of actions identified to increase the engagement of SMEs. It will include the detailed analysis of the actions selected in this list to be executed during the project.

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