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Water Saving for Solar Concentrated Power


Toolbox synthesis

This document will consist of the synthesis of the technical results obtained in T5.8 from the different WASCOP tools and of the results of the financial, environmental and economic study from T4.2. This analysis will bring a comprehensive point of view on the solutions to be applied for every plant context encountered.

Toolbox performance assessment

This document will collect the information generated in tasks from 5.1 to 5.7, describing the technical advantages, disadvantages, water saving, effect on the plant efficiency, etc. for every developed and tested tool.

Summer school for CSP professionals

This document will contain the summary of the summer school that will be organized at one of the test sites in the last year of the project and its content will be based on tutorials developed during the course of the project.

Tutorials for CSP professionals

This document will contain the summary of the tutorials for CSO professionals that will be organized in order to achieve specific knowledge in the area of concentrated solar power.

Evaluation of dust and sand barriers

barriersThis document will evaluate the devices to reduce collector soiling in CSP plants including soiling database and recommendations for further deployment.

Water management guide

This document will include benchmarking the marketed cleaning and cooling systems and its associated best practice, challenges and recommendations for CSP plants.

Soiling and condensation model applied to CSP solar field

This document will summarize proposed mechanisms by which particles adhere to glass mirrors and receiver tubes.

Validation results of the soiling sensors

This document will present all the measurements taken with the soiling sensors during the experimental campaign (at least for one year) and their comparison with those obtained with conventional measurement instruments when appropriate.

Recommendation to standardization bodies

This document will firstly contain the summary of the standards related to the WASCOP project and secondly the recommendations to standardization bodies based on the results gained during the lifetime of the WASCOP project.

Strategies for optimization of traditional cleaning methods

This document will analyse the effect of water cleaning parameters (pressure, temperature, additives, distance between the nozzle and the surface, etc)

Dissemination and Communication strategy document prepared

This document will contain the definition of the dissemination and communication strategy and tools to be used during the life of the project. All possible dissemination routes for the obtained results will be identified and used during the whole course of the project.

Development and maintenance of WASCOP webpage

This document will contain the description of the WASCOP webpage that will be prepared in the first months of the project.

Final WASCOP conference

This document will contain the summary of the WASCOP conference that will take place in one of the test sites to show the outcomes of the project in real time conditions.

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Integration of Soiling-Rate Measurements and Cleaning Strategies in Yield Analysis of Parabolic Trough Plants

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Solar Reflector Materials Degradation Due to the Sand Deposited on the Backside Protective Paints

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A Review of Conventional and Innovative- Sustainable Methods for Cleaning Reflectors in Concentrating Solar Power Plants

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Water Saving in CSP Plants by a Novel Hydrophilic Anti-Soiling Coating for Solar Reflectors

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Thermodynamic Performance and Water Consumption of Hybrid Cooling System Configurations for Concentrated Solar Power Plants

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Contribution with results on PCM testing

Author(s): Rocío Bayón
Published in: EA-SHC Programme, 2017

Literature revision and practical examples of dust barriers in the CSP plants

Author(s): Aránzazu Fernández García, Aránzazu Fernández García, Aránzazu Fernández García, Aránzazu Fernández García
Published in: 2017

Water Consumption

Author(s): Aránzazu Fernández García, Chris Sansom
Published in: 2017

Literature review and practical examples of dust barriers in CSP plants

Author(s): Aránzazu Fernández García, E.Aranzabe, I.Azpitarte, Chris Sansom
Published in: 2017, Page(s) 11

Non-immersion ultrasonic cleaning for heliostats

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Hydrophilic anti-soiling coating for improved efficiency

Author(s): E.Aranzabe, I.Azpitarte, A.Fernandez, F.Sutter, G.Perez, J.Ubach
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Characterization of different sands from MENA: a study to understand soiling effects on CSP mirrors

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Innovative low-cost sensor for continuous soiling monitoring of CSP plants

Author(s): Roberto Calvo, David Arguelles-Arizcun, Aránzazu Fernández-García
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Integration of a non-immersion ultrasonic cleaning system in a solar concentrating field

Author(s): Jon Ander Sarasua , Alejandro Sandá , David Arguelles-Arizcun, Aránzazu Fernández-García
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Innovative solutions to save water in the cleaning activities of CSP plants

Author(s): Estibaliz Aranzabe, Itziar Azpitarte, Chris Sansom, Gema Pérez, Francesca Matino, Gema San Vicente, Aránzazu Fernández-García, Fabian Wolfertstetter, Delphine Bourdon
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Durability testing of a newly developed hydrophilic anti-soiling coating for solar reflectors. Sent to SolarPACES 2018

Author(s): Aránzazu Fernández-García, Itziar Azpitarte, Florian Sutter, Lucía Martínez-Arcos, Tomás Jesús Reche-Navarro, Gema Pérez, Josep Ubach, Estíbaliz Aranzabe
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First Lay-Down Heliostat with Monolithic Mirror-Panel, Closed Loop Control, and Cleaning System

Author(s): A. Pfahl
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The design of dust barriers to reduce collector mirror soiling in CSP plants

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A Methodology for Analyzing the Effect of Sand on the Soiling and Degradation of CSP Mirrors : the Case of Sand Collected from Different Moroccan Solar Sites

Author(s): AC.Pescheux, O.Raccurt, E.LeBaron, S.Bouaddi, H.Bouzekri
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Abrasion and Cleaning Tests on Antireflective and Antireflective/Antisoiling Coatings for Solar Glass Glazing

Author(s): Gema San Vicente, Meryem Farchado, Nuria Germán, Ángel Morales
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DOI: 10.18086/eurosun2018.10.12


Author(s): Rocío Bayón, Mario Biencinto, Esther Rojas, Nerea Uranga
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Development of a prototype Air-rock thermocline (ART) Cold Thermal Energy Storage (CTES) for water saving in CSP

Author(s): Peter Turner, Jonathan Gillard, Kumar Patchigolla, Faisal Asfand
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Rapid CSP performance evaluation using an iterative technique to evaluate condenser temperature by interpolation from data tables.

Author(s): Peter Turner, Jonathan Gillard, Kumar Patchigolla, Faisal Asfand
Published in: SOLARPACES, 2018

Saving Water on Concentrated Solar Power Plants: the holistic approach of the WASCOP project

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Published in: 2019

An experimental investigation into factors affecting the soiling of glass mirrors

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Pilot Scale Hybrid Cooling System for Optimizing the Water Consumption at CSP Plants

Author(s): Patricia Palenzuela, Lidia Roca, Ginés García, José Liria, Diego-César Alarcón-Padilla, Faisal Asfand, Kumar Patchigolla; Hamon: Adèle Caron, Charles-Andrè
Published in: 2019

Soiling study on antireflective coated glass samples and antisoiling/antireflective coated glass samples.

Author(s): Gema San Vicente, N. German, A. Maccari, A. Fernández-García and A. Morales
Published in: 2019

Environmental and social impact analysis of cooling and cleaning systems in a concentrating solar plant

Author(s): Kumar Patchigolla, Chris Sansom, Azuka Janefrancess Uzoma
Published in: 2017

Hybrid cooling concept for concentrated solar power plant: reducing the water consumption

Author(s): Pazienza Laurie, Kumar Patchigolla
Published in: 2017

Study of a hybrid dry coolingwith latent heat storage concept forCSP power plants

Author(s): Axel Saz Dejuan, Kumar Patchigolla
Published in: 2017


Published in: 2018

Design specification of pilot scale air/rock thermocline thermal energy storage solution for the CSP power block cooling process

Author(s): Alghamdi, A; Abudukka, I; Aurousseau, T; Huang, Z; Hernandez, J; Kumar Patchigolla
Published in: 2018

Development of operating strategies for hybrid cooling system and latent heat storage

Author(s): Aaron Kang, Kumar Patchigolla
Published in: 2018

Modelling of water consumption in concentrating solar power plants

Author(s): Peter King, Chris Sansom, Clement Engel
Published in: 2018

Integration of water-rock and air-rock thermal energy storage systems into the whole plant model

Author(s): Adham Mahmoud, Kumar Patchigolla
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Analysis of a 50MWe CSP plant water consumption and an economic comparison

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Environmental deterioration of photovoltaic panels

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A global CSP model development

Author(s): Kumar Patchigolla, Pablo Ramos Quesada, Jonathan Gillard, and Peter Turner
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Development of an air/rock thermocline noctornal heat storage for a 50 MWCSP plant

Author(s): Kumar Patchigolla, Fernando Plaza Martinez, Jonathan Gillard, and Peter Turner
Published in: Masters individual project , MSc in Renewable energy technology, 2017

Development of a Water Management Guide for a 50MWe CSP Plant for the Range of Cleaning & Cooling Options

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Development of a comprehensive model for CSP plant annual performance and water consumption

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Advanced mirror concepts for concentrating solar thermal systems

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DOI: 10.1016/b978-0-08-100516-3.00002-2