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Transnational nationalism. Far-Right Nationalist Groups in East Central Europe in the 20th and 21st centuries


The project will study networks of youth far-right nationalist organizations in East Central Europe, paying particular attention to the developments in Austria, Croatia, Hungary, and Poland. Using historical and anthropological methods, the study explores the transnational dimension of nationalist organizations: the networking of ideologies and tactics. It entails a combination of archival research, interviews, and participant observation during nationalist gatherings. In proposing a historical-ethnographic study of youth far-right nationalist groups, the project aims to fill the gap in existing scholarship, resulting from the lack of interdisciplinary dialogue, negligence of a historical dimension, and macro-perspective predominance. Inspired by the transnational history approach, it foregrounds the complex – synchronic and diachronic - interactions between European nationalisms and studies agents of those exchanges, examining nationalist activists’ motivations and experiences. A combination of anthropological in-depth analysis and historical approach offers an original perspective by drawing parallels between nationalist activities against a multinational federative system, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and the EU. It provides a critical tool for challenging unidirectional models of modernity and nationalism and for reflecting on the challenges to the European integration.
The project will be undertaken at the Institute for East European History, University of Vienna, under the supervision of Prof. Philipp Ther, a leading specialist in the field of transnational history. During the secondment at the Department of Gender Studies, Central European University in Budapest, I will explore the gender dimension of nationalist activism. The fellowship will constitute a fundamental step in my academic career, enabling me to develop a new field of research and expertise and to gain skills necessary to become an independent researcher and to lead my own research group.

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