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Developing a Pilot Case aimed at establishing a European infrastructure project for CO2 transport


Public perception review (D2.1 - part 1)

A review of a selection of European public perception studies pertaining to CO2 transport.

Model agreements

Model agreements, comprimising two parts: - Part 1: Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) - Part 2: Agreement(s) for commercial arrangements

Recommendation of actions derisking the Pilot Case via innovation and research

Recommendations for techno-economic derisking via innovation and research.

Assessment of synchronised funding from various sourced. The Berlin model

Three-step approach: 1. Potential project partners from different countries identify a joint project and define a draft proposal. 2. Subject to positive evaluation of the draft proposal by all national funding agencies (of the countries involved), project partners submit a full proposal to their national funding agencies, taking into account the alignment of different evaluation procedures in the different countries. 3. Provided a positive decision is made by the national funding agencies, the partners of the pilot project will ask the European Commission for additional support that can serve to incentivise collaboration and coordination between partners. In this respect, the European infrastructure package will be specifically considered (cf. section 2.1.1).

Prospectus: Business Case development

A comprehensive prospectus, according to the headlines and indicative content in Section 3.1.4 of the proposal.

Recommendations. Next steps forward

Firm recommendations in support of the main concept and idea of the proposed project will be advocated. These will particularly address the prescribed prerequisites and the next steps to be made. This will slightly differ from the conclusions drawn in Task 4.5 (Business Case development (prospectus)), as these conclusions mainly address the Pilot Case itself.

Pilot Case definition

Defining the Pilot Case, targeting a European infrastructure project for CO2 transport.

Communication plan applicable to the Pilot Case

A plan for dissemination, exploitation and communication within GATEWAY, to be used as a handbook by the consortium members during and after the project period.

Design for assessing public percetion of the Pilot Case (D2.1 - part 2)

The original deliverable D2.1 was split into to separate parts. This deliverable corresponds to part 2: Design for assessing public percetion of the chosen Pilot Case.


Developing a Pilot Case and Modelling the Development of a Large European CO2 Transport Infrastructure - The GATEWAY H2020 project

Author(s): J. Jakobsen, M. Bysveen*, E. Vågenes, Ch. Eickhoff, T. Mikunda, F.Neele, L.Brunner, R.Heffron, D. Schumann, L. Downes, D. Hanstock
Published in: Energy Procedia, 2017
Publisher: Elsevier

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