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Functional brain networks in epilepsy

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Influence of Time-Series Normalization, Number of Nodes, Connectivity and Graph Measure Selection on Seizure-Onset Zone Localization from Intracranial EEG

Author(s): Pieter van Mierlo, Octavian Lie, Willeke Staljanssens, Ana Coito, Serge Vulliémoz
Published in: Brain Topography, 2018, ISSN 0896-0267
DOI: 10.1007/s10548-018-0646-7

Automated long-term EEG analysis to localize the epileptogenic zone

Author(s): Pieter van Mierlo, Gregor Strobbe, Vincent Keereman, Gwénael Birot, Stefanie Gadeyne, Markus Gschwind, Evelien Carrette, Alfred Meurs, Dirk Van Roost, Kristl Vonck, Margitta Seeck, Serge Vulliémoz, Paul Boon
Published in: Epilepsia Open, Issue 2/3, 2017, Page(s) 322-333, ISSN 2470-9239
DOI: 10.1002/epi4.12066

Automated diagnosis of temporal lobe epilepsy in the absence of interictal spikes

Author(s): Thibault Verhoeven, Ana Coito, Gijs Plomp, Aljoscha Thomschewski, Francesca Pittau, Eugen Trinka, Roland Wiest, Karl Schaller, Christoph Michel, Margitta Seeck, Joni Dambre, Serge Vulliemoz, Pieter van Mierlo
Published in: NeuroImage: Clinical, Issue 17, 2018, Page(s) 10-15, ISSN 2213-1582
DOI: 10.1016/j.nicl.2017.09.021

EEG source connectivity to localize the seizure onset zone in patients with drug resistant epilepsy

Author(s): Willeke Staljanssens, Gregor Strobbe, Roel Van Holen, Vincent Keereman, Stefanie Gadeyne, Evelien Carrette, Alfred Meurs, Francesca Pittau, Shahan Momjian, Margitta Seeck, Paul Boon, Stefaan Vandenberghe, Serge Vulliemoz, Kristl Vonck, Pieter van Mierlo
Published in: NeuroImage: Clinical, Issue 16, 2017, Page(s) 689-698, ISSN 2213-1582
DOI: 10.1016/j.nicl.2017.09.011

Seizure Onset Zone Localization from Ictal High-Density EEG in Refractory Focal Epilepsy

Author(s): Willeke Staljanssens, Gregor Strobbe, Roel Van Holen, Gwénaël Birot, Markus Gschwind, Margitta Seeck, Stefaan Vandenberghe, Serge Vulliémoz, Pieter van Mierlo
Published in: Brain Topography, Issue 30/2, 2017, Page(s) 257-271, ISSN 0896-0267
DOI: 10.1007/s10548-016-0537-8

Seizure-Onset Mapping Based on Time-Variant Multivariate Functional Connectivity Analysis of High-Dimensional Intracranial EEG: A Kalman Filter Approach

Author(s): Octavian V. Lie, Pieter van Mierlo
Published in: Brain Topography, Issue 30/1, 2017, Page(s) 46-59, ISSN 0896-0267
DOI: 10.1007/s10548-016-0527-x

Directed Functional Brain Connectivity Based on EEG Source Imaging: Methodology and Application to Temporal Lobe Epilepsy

Author(s): Ana Coito, Christoph M. Michel, Pieter van Mierlo, Serge Vulliemoz, Gijs Plomp
Published in: IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, Issue 63/12, 2016, Page(s) 2619-2628, ISSN 0018-9294
DOI: 10.1109/TBME.2016.2619665

Difficulty of Comparing the Multiple Heterogeneous Approaches: Comment to Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation in Epilepsy

Author(s): Markus Gschwind, Pieter van Mierlo
Published in: Brain Stimulation, Issue 9/3, 2016, Page(s) 459-461, ISSN 1935-861X
DOI: 10.1016/j.brs.2016.03.003