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Coupling Quantum Emitters to Graphene Plasmons: a new route towards fast Quantum Optics


E-GRA-MONS OPTICS aims to couple quantum emitters (e.g. quantum dots and endohedral fullerenes) to the strong electric fields of graphene plasmons with the ultimate goal of performing fast quantum operations in the near infrared and visible spectrum. Such an integrated system will overcome the low processing speed of atoms and photons, thus providing a robust, solid-state platform for fast quantum optics. The real challenge is to integrate the features of quantum emitters and graphene plasmons into a single functional nanomaterial, understanding how the interactions at the nano-scale can impact its optical properties. To meet this challenge, this project adopts a multidisciplinary approach, combining the applicant’s experience in quantum operations using atoms and photons in conjunction with the world-leading expertise of the host organization in nanoscience and nanotechnology. The main objective is the experimental demonstration of strong emitter-plasmon coupling and plasmon-mediated interactions between emitters, which will be the fundamentals of novel quantum-optics technologies


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28049 Madrid

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