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Advanced Distributed Pilot Line for More-than-Moore Technologies

Periodic Reporting for period 3 - ADMONT (Advanced Distributed Pilot Line for More-than-Moore Technologies)

Reporting period: 2017-05-01 to 2018-04-30

ADMONT will implement a distributed, More-than-Moore pilot line for a broad set of modules in technologies or essential capabilities not presently available within one manufacturing facility. ADMONT is set up as an incubation centre for SME innovations in Europe for electronic systems and solutions. It provides a novel approach for innovation in all sectors. The pilot line will be implemented as a “one-stop-shop” for partners and customers. It is supported by advanced design technologies to address the challenges of modelling and simulation of MtM-relevant aspects like reliability, degradation effects, and process variability. Furthermore, IT solutions aspects for MtM smart fabrication, fab automation and data processing will become the foundation for a new type of smart infrastructure. The distributed pilot line is working as an open platform and is able to integrate future technologies for autonomous and smart system solutions. It is not limited to a specific application or market, but is able to serve different applications like Automotive, Aerospace, Industrial, Food Processing, Health, Safety, ICT and various other end markets can benefit. ADMONT supplies system integrators with a modular system for combining distinct technologies at wafer level while providing a vital and necessary platform for new products. This encompasses not only process technology but also and modelling capabilities. ADMONT aims to reduce manufacturing times for base components to 75% and reduce system costs to 70% of what can be achieved today. Electronics-based products will benefit from increased innovation speed and hence accelerated time to market. This will bring the benefits of innovation to the full value chain, both from a production perspective and from an end user perspective.
The project consortium is organized and working along the value chain for Electronic Components and Systems (ECS) technologies in Europe. The consortium consists of 16 partners from 6 countries and focuses on industrial companies, especially SME’s, accompanied by leading research institutes with a clear focus on production in Europe. While the semiconductor manufacturing of the pilot line is concentrated in Saxony within the Dresden area, the system production spreads over different countries in Europe.
The requirement analysis and specification of the ADMONT MtM distributed pilot line are successfully finished. The possible business processes and models between the pilot line members and customer were analyzed and an open platform model is agreed. The interfaces between the partners for wafer transfer, quality data, inline data and test data and data formats are defined. Each partner can be the 1st contact point to potential ADMONT pilot line user and is responsible for the business process. All pilot line members started their activities to prepare the manufacturing lines for demonstrator runs by improving quality of processes, productivity and tracking capabilities. Further on first material runs for XH035, XU035 and XA035 with thermopile have been realized and wafer or samples are delivered to our partner according to schedule. First wafer transfer and preparation with integration of all pilot line partners are demonstrated. Thermopile wafer in XH035 where delivered to back side processing from X-FAB to FhG-IPMS and for system integration to Heimann Sensor. First full functional IRmatrix camera modules are demonstrated. Thermopile wafer in XH035 where delivered to back side processing from X-FAB to FhG-IPMS and for system integration to HEI. First full functional IRmatrix camera modules are demonstrated. Wafer in XH035 technology with very flat last metal sensor interface are delivered to FhG-FEP for organic semiconductor deposition and OLED preparation.
The wafer level packaging is finally done at FhG-ASSID. Wafer in XH035 with integrated pressure sensor and sensor interface are delivered to EDC and are in evaluation. First wafer in XU035, ultrahigh voltage technology, are delivered to FhG-EMFT with test structures for micro-pump drives. The electrical test is in progress. Single-Layer-Mask run (SLM) for AMS at X-FAB for technology XH035 (including optical process module) The technological requirements of the development goals and the demonstrator applications targeted by the ADMONT MtM CMOS pilot line are defined. Objectives, technical target specifications and timelines have been derived and aligned for the individual development tasks.
ADMONT combines four pilot lines providing foundry services to customers having access from a single point. These pilot lines have a wide coverage on different areas: 1) CMOS (and especially HV-CMOS) process, 2) MEMS process, 3) organic semiconductor process and 4) 3D-integration process.
The ADMONT concept was conceived three years ago, and still to date, there is no similar offering available from worldwide foundries for SME and medium size customers.
The ADMONT project creates a new ecosystem for MtM technologies and smart system integration to enable innovative ECS solutions as a crucial building block to tackle societal challenges and to strengthen Europe’s industrial leadership. ADMONT will improve the competitiveness of industrial small, medium and large companies and strengthen the position of research institutes. ADMONT provides a unique modular concept utilizing “More than Moore” based key enabling technologies such as micro- and nanoelectronics, photonics, and biomedical technology. ADMONT revolutionizes the innovation speed of SMEs by providing the possibility to combine - before ADMONT – isolated process technologies and design capabilities .The ADMONT pilot line aims for cost effective and energy efficiency production, robust and stabile processes, technology and product diversification under MtM production with high yield and excellent quality under world-class environment. This will influence the long- and medium-term position in key markets leading to economic and employment growth in the European Union. The smart system development and production in Europe will also strengthen the world market position through new innovative products and smart solutions. The ADMONT pilot line is acting as a regional competence cluster for micro- and nanotechnology with a European dimension for system integration and supports the ECS industry to reach leadership in key technologies. The pilot line is planned and organized to operate sustainably and will be open for additional customers during and after the duration of the project. ADMONT is an excellent project to bridge the gap between research exploitation, industrial development and innovative system design for future key applications and markets .
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