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Safe and accurate fetal monitoring

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - FETAL MONITORING (Safe and accurate fetal monitoring)

Reporting period: 2015-01-01 to 2015-06-30

The Nemo Healthcare feasibility study concerns the market, supply chain and the key stakeholders in the field of fetal monitoring based on non-invasive electrophysiological signals, such as fetal ECG. Technical requirements will be identified to improve the product and to ease market penetration. The specific objectives of this Phase 1 are:
1. Provide strategic overview of market engineering metrics, competitive environment and main stakeholders;
2. Provide market drivers, restraints, and opportunities;
3. Provide forecasts for the market;
4. Explore technical solution for optimizing fetal ECG technology;
5. Provide insight on (future) technology requirements determining the growth of the market;
6. Develop an actionable set of recommendations for market entry and growth.
The following activities have been executed:
Technical Feasibility
1) Design of electrode configuration for fetal ECG recording;
2) Acquisition of data on patients to optimize the algorithms for fetal ECG;
3) Proof-of-concept of remote monitoring solution.
Economic Feasibility
1) Desk research;
2) In depth interviews with users. Purpose was to gather information on needs and how to implement Nemo’s technology in a clinical setting;
3) Commercial market reports have been thoroughly studied;
4) Investigation in distribution channel: Interviews with new distribution channels have been executed. Implementation of technology has also been part of this research;
5) Writing new business plan.
The technical feasibility has resulted in the design of an optimized electrode layout for non-invasive fetal monitoring. The algorithms have been improved to create a robust system to assess fetal wellbeing based on electrophysiological signals. A successful demonstration of remote monitoring has taken place.
The economic feasibility has addressed various business parameters (competition, market, distribution, future technology needs, reimbursement, internal organization). This has resulted in a new business plan in which the rollout of Nemo’s new technology is described. Key success factors, such as future technology needs (remote monitoring), distribution, need for additional clinical trials, creation of an international network with key opinion leaders and reference sites, and strengthening of the team have been identified and are addressed to build a sustainable business.
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