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International Centre for Research on Innovative Bio-based Materials


The ICRI-BioM website

By the end of onth 2 the ICRI-BioM website will be developed. It will consist of two platforms: one for project dissemination to public and another specific for scientific data and exchange of ideas.

Project management structure

By the end of month 1 a detailed management structure will be developed, including assigned roles, decision making procedures, reporting, budget allocation and time schedule.

Dissemination event

At month 10 a dissemination event at the Lodzkie House in Brussels is planned. It will be organized in cooperation with the Max Planck Society, Brussels Office.

Report on the socio-economic and environmental context

By the end of month 2 a report on the socio-economic and environmental project context will be developed. The report will include analysis of the potential socio-economic factors and their impact on the CoE.

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